Isabel Manns | AW20

Distinguished contemporary designer Isabel Manns graced London Fashion Week for another season showcasing her AW20 collection.

Renowned for her use of all things British, Mann’s once again offered a collection filled with British made components. "Everything that I can do is British, so the labels hand tags packaging boxes, that’s all made in Britain, whenever I can, even my buttons are from this old button factory in the North of England. It’s nice because they love the fact that I want to support British industry and they are the same, so you have this great connection. For me it’s really about supporting our country".

Delivering a variety of timeless silhouettes and prints, the reversible collection shadowed the sustainable ethos of her brand, once again presenting a energetic display of Mann’s hand painted prints. "I design all of this on my own, the fabrics, the patterns, everything. I painted the prints to start with, the red one is pebbles, every print you ever see in any collection will always be my print".

A versatile collection providing luxury day and evening wear, the concept drawn from the rocky regions of Costa Brava, channelling the unique colours and patterns of the rocks onto the fabrics of the collection. Interestingly Mann’s shared the same inspiration as Salvador Dali, the famous Spanish artist who also drew inspiration from the rocks, a vision shared by two artists. "It’s inspired by the rocky reign in Casa Bravo in northern Spain, and we were on a boat trip with my family, we had a guy taking us on a boat and they told us this is where Salvador dahlia got really inspired, and I studied art history at school so I've always been very interested in art and I was looking up at these massive, huge rocks, and I thought this is just so inspiring, all of the different colours and patterns".

Introducing her own take on the rocks of Costa Brava, hand painted prints have been transformed digitally, featuring across the collection, a contrast between earthy tones and vibrant terracotta can be seen against injections of red hues, a perfect representation of the organic beauty of nature and the signature vibrancy of Mann’s designs, uniting for AW20, amalgamating to offer a confident, and sophisticated collection. "A lot of people that buy my designs are afraid of print, it’s because its plain on the one side, so they look at it and think oh that’s a style I would wear but I'm not sure about the print, but actually they all told me they've never worn the plain side, it’s that sort of confidence boost to wear the print and having that option".

Leading the way for sustainable fashion Isabel offers a range of viscose and recyclable wool featuring alongside her reversible prints. "We started using more sustainable fabrics, we've got a colourful sustainable viscose, the wool is completely recyclable all woven in Italy and again reversibility for me is a reason to be sustainable".

Offering insight into the waste behind the collection a sculpture showcasing the only waste left from the collection displayed proudly alongside the designs, serving as a reminder to those in the industry. "The way I design the clothing is so that each piece fits on the fabric without any waste, so it takes a long time with that process, everything I design is around no waste. I don't think people were aware of it, but we have a sculpture there that is everything that’s gone into the collection."

Photography - Sebastian Davies

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