Inspiration from future generation artists | Constantin Botezat

London, a city that offers many possibilities. It's a paradise for people who want to fight for their dreams. In the city that the birthed the world’s greatest stars and artists, its also place where a young artist develops, and bright future awaits. According to story of 23 years old Constantin Botezat, we can believe that every person who has a lot of passion and takes challenges is able to achieve a lot.

As a young boy, he applied to a number of magazines, to show his works and his first exhibition was when he was 14 years old. Constantin always believed that one day he would show his works in the United States, especially Hollywood. For young Constantin from Moldova, it was also a confession to learn English from scratch. He took matters into his own hands and thanks to his perseverance, achieved his goal. “A lot of things started when I started learning English and because of my international fiends” He was a student in Romania, Italy and Portugal. Despite such a young age, he has many achievements on an international scale. He presented his works, among others, in Bari (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal), Utah, Los Angeles, Hollywood and New York (USA). After all these experiences, he intends to continue his education in London.

“I have always had this desire to be a student in London, and thanks to the Erasmus program, which is the most famous educational program in the European Union I had a chance to win a scholarship to continue my education in London and complete my second internship for a magazine. London is very special, very active and very interesting place for me, I’m very grateful to be here.”

Constantin began his adventure in London a year ago. Since then, he participated in seven exhibitions to strive and achieve even more in the artistic world. For Constantin, a city that gives great opportunities has become his next stop on his journey. “I had the chance to make so many wonderful friends that I love and respect and also I had the chance to meet so many personalities in cinematography, fashion, painting, I managed to attend film festivals and premieres. Also, I managed to meet international actors, to go to London Fashion Week and take pictures of new collection.” For Constantin people in UK are very active, energetic and work hard and he feels a good connection with them. 

All the travels that he experienced, changed his approach to life. Discovering the world, meeting new people and learning their culture taught him how to be a 'man'. “UK is the 6th country where I live at the moment. Until now, I've been able to discover 3 continents, the greatest influence I probably received from the people in the west of the United States. I had the chance to live in Utah for 8 months. The time I spent in that state was very special in my life, those people were enormously nice and polite with me. They supported me to work for my desire, they supported me with organising art exhibitions.” He owes what he has now to his family who from the beginning, supported him in his aspirations and passions. They were always open to his ideas, challenges and the path he took. 

Constantin belongs to people who love life and want to share this love. He draws his energy from people, meditation and many motivational books. “Indeed, I’m very energetic person, but this energy has not always characteristic me in the past. Im mostly inspired by my friends and I'm extremely grateful for their presence in my life. From them I learned to be optimistic, friendly and helpful as possible.” 

Constantin is a young artist who thanks to his perseverance in pursuing his goal has already achieved a lot, but he wants more. In the near feature he is going to continue his studies, probably in London. His goal at that moment is also to discover the world, especially Australia and South Africa. 

Constantin Botezat has over 37 exhibitions. London and its residents are waiting for more.   

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