ILANIO | The Futuristic Accessories Have Landed

Emerging out of the Golden Gates of San Francisco, a high-tech futuristic fashion label ILANIO stands out by forward-thinking innovative techniques. Moulding avant-garde aesthetics fitted for Sci-Fi silhouettes, experimental artist Ilan Reuben delivers his latest creations: SCENT CAPSULE perfumes, PHAZE high heels and the most trending piece, the ORBIS backpack.

The concept of ILANIO is to produce a creative space of like-minded ideators and designers. Based in the heart of San Fran, this new label focuses on the collaboration and integration of artists as well as breaking down the barriers of art, fashion, and commerce. Crafting pieces for every-day life, ILANIO takes commodities and turns them into statements of self-expression. 

ILANIO, the brainchild of Ilan Reuben, mirrors his on-going artistic quest as he examines how fashion can symbolise and control our relationship with our bodies, looking deeply into the sexual, spiritual, social and psychological implications from that association. 

As ILANIO continues to build the bridge between concept and life, the community built around them grows. In a Modèle interview with Ilan Reuben, we delve into his latest creations, artistic rules and authentic individuality strengthened by ILANIO. 

You say ILANIO is a creative space of like-minded ideators and designers, how is this demonstrated through your artistry?

Our offerings span multiple categories -- first we did the acrylic ORBIS backpacks, then our SCENT CAPSULE perfumes, and then our PHAZE high heels. In order to create such striking designs and get them fabricated at the highest levels of quality and attention to detail, it was

necessary to recruit experts in each of these categories. For instance, to help formulate the SCENT CAPSULE fragrances, we worked with the incredible international perfumer Dana El Masri, who has been an Art Olfaction Awards judge for several years and is a published

fragrance writer, winner of a Jasmine Literary Award and a Perfumed Plume. By working with experts like Dana, our limited-edition collectables can best embody the original vision of the design.

When making art pieces for everyday life what are your 3 main rules?

Respect the original vision.

Don't decorate.

Make it sexy.

Where do your main influences for ILANIO come from?

I try to work with blinders on -- its just too distracting to see all the things that other people are doing. Certainly, I have inspirations, but I try not to remember them too clearly. My initial set of fashion influences included people like Pierre Cardin, Gareth Pugh, Alexander McQueen, Leigh Bowery, Charlie LeMindu, and Miles Aldridge. Other favourites I've fallen in love with since then are Rei Kawakubo, Shayne Oliver, and Thierry Mugler.

How do you try and distinguish individuality within your label?

You cant create individuality. You have to connect with the universe, with the cosmic lattice of coincidence that binds us all together (cf. Repo Man), and faithfully reproduce the information it provides through your unique channel. And you have to remove any obstacles, distortions, or blockages in that cosmic channel.

Out of all 3 of your products; ORBIS backpacks, SCENT CAPSULE perfumes and PHAZE heel, which ones have the highest demand, why do you think that is?

They are all in demand, but perhaps the ORBIS backpacks have the highest demand. I think it might be the cultural moment for sleek transparent things!

The aesthetic of ILANIO is very futuristic/spacelike, why is this?

Because the future is now! Didn't you know?!?

You say ILANIO is a limited-edition-only label, what does this mean?

All our designs are limited-edition, meaning we only make a small number of them (typically between 100 and 300), and once they are gone, we won't make any more. So when you get one of our pieces, you are virtually guaranteed never to run into someone else with one at a

party -- unless it's a VERY hip party, in which case please invite us!

Describe your usual audience?

The ILANIO client defies categorization and demographic targeting. Our clients are the iconoclasts, the free spirits, the ones who are not afraid to express their unique selves. The ones for whom that is the only choice.

What is the next step for ILANIO?

We have many exciting designs in the pipeline, but I'm not at liberty to reveal them yet! The next products might be a bit in the future, given the current situation around the world with COVID-19. (Some of us here at ILANIO are working to help design lower-cost ventilators for COVID patients.) But rest assured, as soon as we are back in the saddle, we'll be hard at work bringing to life the sleek, sexy future you once imagined!

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