Iceberg | SS20

‘Positive rebellion’ is the key theme boasted by the team behind ICEBERG’s SS20 collection. With creative director James Long (who has headed up menswear for the brand since November 2015) showing his latest creations, there was a very playful and fun feeling emanating from the catwalk.

Bright colours and pop art created a vibrant and exciting overall aesthetic. The brands inspiration behind this collection sat in Long’s imagination, where ‘the Punks of Kings Road hang out with the Sloanes and Hoorays of Knightsbridge… and South Kensington Goths.’ A pure mashup of styles, colours and cuts and yet, somehow, it all pulled together to create a cohesive and captivating collection.

The introduction to the collection saw some stunning looks with the collaboration ‘ICEBERG X PETER BLAKE.’ a prominent British pop-artist who has equated his work to “an art that was the equivalent of pop music”.

The first look consisted of slim fit multicoloured trousers adorning Blake’s pop art graphics coupled with an equally showstopping and ‘technically intricate’ sweater adorning the pale face of lady, offset, her hair wrapped in the Stars and stripes- it’s this use of graphic that made this collection so fun. The very 60’s design filters through the modern lens of the ICEBERG design team. It was bold, it was excited, and it felt contemporary and relevant.

As the show continued each piece felt unfamiliar and engaging. Despite the clear theme and colour story, nothing felt repetitive or left your feeling like you’d seen it before. The collection felt street, it felt cool. You could see the nod to the old in each piece: an emerald shell suit, a faded pink oversized denim jacket and matching slim fit denim jeans synched at the waist with a pink ICEBERG belt, a salmon coloured power suit- each look would have been as comfortable in the era it was inspired by as it would be if one of the models were to leave the catwalk and stroll out onto the streets of Shoreditch.

This playful approach to design, with pop art hearts and Micky Mouse’s adding an extra element of fun to each garment, added to the re-examination of the old, finding new ways to bring forward old ideas to the now, made each new look a delight for the eye. It was chic, it was modern, it was retro.

The show was a fabulous mix of colour blocking, clashing colours, print and bright monochromatic looks. The collection was fun and exciting and the perfect ‘camouflage for urban warriors looking for their Promised Land.’

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