Hype X Toy Story 4 | Collection & Launch Party

Uniting vibrant shades, tie dye and 90's references the ambiance of the Hype X Toy Story 4 line, perfectly embodies the personalities of our favorite toy story characters. Infusing childhood nostalgia into the collection, Hype creates a range that truly takes the wearer to infinity and beyond.

Combining classic shapes with playful taping the collection incorporates characters from throughout the saga, each design reflecting the nature of Toy Story from the first movie, to its most recent release, Toy Story 4.

Combining the iconic tie dye associated with Hype alongside carnival style stripes, the collection gives us an exiting sneak peak into the new characters set to be introduced in the latest installment of the Toy Story movie saga. Blends of bold prints and graphics, a design technique signature to the hype brand, feature throughout the collection, each element infusing an exiting twist into the line, merging and igniting the collaboration between the brands.

Integrating old and new characters throughout the collection, the collaboration offers pieces for everyone no matter the era or age in which individuals experienced their first toy story movie.

New characters including Giggle, Ducky and Bunny feature on garments across the collection, the most eye catching, being a navy and blue striped cropped t shirt featuring the character Giggle on the front pocket.

For the kids who have grown up alongside Andy throughout the movie saga, The collection brings back the 90's decorative with designs inspired by Andy's room featuring blues, reds, yellows and navy's, a perfect colour palette to represent the early movies. Alongside this, the original characters from the first movie including Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Slinky and Wheezy, feature on staple pieces across the collection including football jersey style shirts. These elements embrace the 90's nostalgia of the movies with a fresh and contemporary aesthetic.

Placing further emphasis on the first Toy Story movie, the collection also features a ringer-style t shirt featuring the iconic Pizza Planet logo inspired by the input of Toy Story super fans.

To celebrate the launch of the latest collaboration, visitors were given an insight into pieces from the latest collection at the official launch party hosted at Shoreditch Boxpark. Throughout the night a flow of drinks, fresh pizza, popcorn, and unlimited candyfloss brought in the new collection, transporting visitors back to their childhoods, shaped by the Toy Story movies.

With live music echoing throughout the venue and a Buzz Lightyear inspired 'Space Throw' game building upon the atmosphere, the event attracted the likes of comedian ManlikeHaks, Love islander Kendall Rae Knight and Youtuber Parle Patel, for a night and collection that truly embodies the Toy Story experience.

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