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Hoh Pabissi: A Designer to Watch

Designer Anna the creator of Hoh Pabissi, discusses her avant garde, arty and very different designs which are hand-crafted in London. The collections are not-so-ready-to-wear but would have a catwalk screaming for their mobility. Only beginning to produce designs last year, her perseverance and recognition has not gone unnoticed as she has been in over twenty newspapers the last few weeks. Firstly, the biodegradable materials became more recollected in a collaboration with Museo Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence by creating one of the garments at the exhibition. The garment consisted of cotton embroidered in linen, fully recyclable cars and biodegradable fringing.

The concept of her designs comes mostly from her influence Elsa Schiaparelli, having both surrealism and a daring innovation in common by transcending prints. Hoh Pabissi doesn't follow any guidelines, rules or even seasons, the designer is far from tedious “I don’t really follow colours, I don’t really follow patterns, I don’t really go through websites to see the colour of the season. I find it ridiculous, in the sense that saying that yellow is the colour of the season, I don’t follow anything I just do what I like to do.”

Producing a profusion of designs (maximum of 30 designs every collection) and using strong yarns of rope for her signature material is nothing other than legendary “Most I like, some I absolutely hate. Sometimes I have people coming up to me being complimentary over a design and I just think really? That one is a disaster!” She continues describing her designs as simple is more, “creativity is basically about that, do what ever you like to do and don’t care whether people are going to like it or not.”

Hoh Pabissi undergo with a major amount of sketching. The finishing product is always completely different to the first sketches. Anna's strong representation is drawing and it’s a massive fixation for her, “I would plaster my walls, I’m not joking, I would have about 60/70 sketches on my walls and then every day I would go and stare at them to see if I like it or hate it and maybe let’s say after a month of designing I would say thats rubbish, and sketch more. Being a perfectionist can be a curse as you can not be perfect, I would probably cry if someone said my collection was boring.”

Hoh Pabissi designs take about three months to finish and like many people nowadays motivation is often nocturnal, this is relatable to the work of Hoh Pabissi “I work 24/7, honestly it would be literally 24/7, I would wake up at 3am because I have a crazy idea and have to begin sketching straight away.” Her designing spot is not like the typical suburban coffee shop or park, but in fact a hardware shop “My favourite place to design is B&Q, you go to a hardware store and you see this metal crazy thing, and say that’s going to be like that! Two weeks ago I went to my local B&Q and they had these white piped and I just started to build something like right right on the spot and staff are probably thinking what the heck is this woman doing.”

Image 2 Photographer - Anna SemerdJiev

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