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Haus Of Zuk | AW19

Haus of Zuk, Drag queens, teddy bears and kinky boots and all things risqué under laser lights. Celebrations of sexuality and nonconformity opened the final night of the Vancouver Fashion Week, generating electricity and adrenaline among the spectators.

The collection 'Overdose' intended to shake up the usual gender conforming runaway style and epitomise a non-binary world full of drag queens, fantasy and sexuality, an electric presence of colours and materials that created a power driven runaway.

Peter Zuk, based in Vancouver graduated from Blanche Macdonald Centre and was mentored by Vancouver’s esteemed designer Evan Clayton to refine his skills. Peter gathers his inspirations from video games, fantasies, nightlife, drag queens and teddy bears. With a strong loyalty to the LGBT community and his love for Cosplay, Zuk engages the audience through non binary designs and fashion, A show full of acceptance, celebration and scandalous excitement at the VFW in March 2019.

Stimulating textures including fur, precisely arranged PVC and neon colours, hint the inner dominatrix aiming to provoke an element of arousal from the audience, inviting them to delve into their imaginations and explore hidden, secret fantasies. Fraternising hyper sexualised silhouettes, alongside elements of his character, the designer snubbs the reactionary world generating curiosity about ones own sexuality, gender identity and desires.

Zuk welcomed the audience to feel the atmosphere of partying afterhours with the drag queens walking, splitting, dropping and sashaying away on the runaway. Telling the Daily Hive, Vancouver’s local News “I was at a sex party in Mexico, and all I could see were the classic black leather harnesses, and I knew that someone ,including myself, wanted to be a little bit more fun. So by taking a super child-like concept such as teddy bears, and hyper-sexualizing the silhouettes, it created an aesthetic which is a perfect personification of who I am”.

The show titillated the audience featuring local drag celebrities like BratPack and Berlin gliding through adorned in confident colours, confirming Zuk’s sense of responsibility to represent the community who has backed him up all this time “Without my LGBTQ+ family, this collection would be very, very boring"Informs zuk to the Daily Hive.

Vancouver Fashion Week is committed to diversity and the Haus of Zuk stole the thunder of regular cat walks with its exceptional transfusion of childhood toys, teenage video games, fantasies, nightlife, drag queens, entertainment and ambiguous sexuality in one runaway, creating a hybrid of fashion that not only expressed the vernal longings of the designer but created a statement of societal acceptance towards every individual.

Haus of Zuk displayed its unorthodox creation but Peter Zuk is not all about PVC, lust and sexy toys, Canadian LGBT news 'Homoculture' informs that Zuk has already started his new collection, all about love and romance, totally on the contrary to 'Overdose". The fashion industry has yet to see so much more of this way-out talent.

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Photographer - Filippo Fior