Harry Crane | The Lo-Fi Jazzy Rap era

Leaking new wave trap music into lo-fi jazz, rapper Harry Crane is dominating parts of the underground scene by channelling his own contemporary styled rap lyrics and creating upcoming popular chilled out trap beats. Gaining 200k hits on Spotify and 4.3K hits on Youtube with his single ‘Behave (feat. Kibo)’ Harry demonstrates his ongoing knowledgeable talents when exploring outstanding contemporary rap beats.

Only just turned 20 years old Harry Crane is already hitting the ears of thousands of youngsters around the UK. His first single ‘Suave’ struck over 60K plays on Soundcloud in 2017, followed by chart worthy track 'Behave'. “I spent my whole time scrolling through Youtube beats, that’s what I used to do back in the day, once I found one from Kibo who’s the feature, we linked up and it all came together.”

Describing his main musical inspiration as incredibly hip-hop-infused and rap-related Harry says he looks up to music sensations such as Goldlink, 50Cent, Aminé, Loyal Carner and Jesse James. Expressing his personal love for the diverse music scene Harry says “The UK scene is definitely at its pinnacle, rap wise… I like to have fun with my lyrics, that’s a staple of my music, creativity and having fun, it does reflect and express my personality”.

Taking different elements from many genres, channelling them originally Harry’s music is delivering music qualities from all spectrums of rap and hip-hop music. “I quite like finding underground artists such as Bel Cobain, Finn Foxell whos one of my biggest inspiration so now interacting with him has elevated where I want to be at”.

Passionate about music and the lyrics he’s producing Harry's keen to touch more London ears by expanding on his unique sound using other types of inspirations and ideas. Writing some of the lyrics for his tracks in under an hour Harry displays amazing lyrical creativity following in the footsteps of upcoming lyrical artists such as Slowthai “A couple of singles on my EP were written in like only half an hour”.

Comfortably winning over the underground rap scene of London Harry is focused on bettering his career and potential in the upcoming years of his creativity. “Obviously everyone's pinnacle is to break out and reach the top, artists such as Col3trane, he’s gone about it really well and blown up, touched America, its something I'm thinking about. I want to make a coherent project and have everyone hear it really”.

Spotify has definitely helped streaming, I’m on around 18,000 monthly listeners, which is a crazy number compared to last year”. With social media elevating the underground music scene Harry uses the social platforms to their full potential. “People always tell you to narrow down but I think that’s the wrong way to approach it, I think you need to branch out to touch every genre and experiment and see what gets the best feedback.”

Latest single ‘Run It’ dropped May 10th on all major platforms expressing similar authentic styles to his other tracks, Harry is subject to producing a signature sound. Describing the creation of the single as a wicked experience “I hooked up with a guy named Michelin Shin, he took me to his studio with beds and stuff, we stayed the night! The level of professionalism was unreal”, ‘Run It’ has gained over 24000 streams on Spotify already. Releasing a contemporary rap filmed music video on May 13th for the new single Harry is projecting how knowledgeable and talented he is within the scene “I’m excited to keep dropping singles and keep pushing it really”.

Keeping music fresh and attractive is critical in London's music scene, Harry is always finding upcoming artists to work with helping keep his style following lo-fi, jazzy rap “I feel like there is a whole ring of people who are following a vision and doing what they wanna do and that's such an important thing for me.”

Festivals and singles are what Harry describes for the future when imagining his music moving forward “I want to be doing a few more singles over summer, I'm this thing with iluvlive, performing with a live band which I’ve never done before… the goal for me is to perform at a couple of festivals, would be a dream to perform at LoveBox festival”.

With Harry always displaying forward-thinking musical movements, everyone is hopful that new underground hit ‘Run It’ will follow the fame and attention as ‘Behave’. Keep looking out for more releases and performances from Harry Crane in the upcoming months.

“I'm open to anything musical really, I just wanna have fun with music really” – Harry Crane

Photography by Izzy Clark

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