• Eloise Kirton

Handsome Luke | 'Struggle' (AKA Tommy's song)

After his last single, 'Devils Dance' Handsome Luke is at it again. Released on April 1st, the hip-hop/trap artist dropped his moving new video for new single ‘Struggle’ directed by Riley Robbins. ‘Struggle’ produced alongside Tito and Flea, pays a heartfelt tribute to Handsome Luke’s late friend Thomas with the cover art for the song reading ‘aka Tommy’s song’ and the forlorn lyrics telling the story of someone fighting hard against their battles. ‘Struggle’ certainly diverges in tone from Luke’s other newest releases such as ‘Cocaine Drip’ and ‘18k’.

Luke’s video for the gentle-paced reflective track depicts the main protagonist, a young man, fighting with his girlfriend whilst driving through a dim-lit city and consequently losing focus and causing a critical collision. The video follows him, amongst others, through their journeys of recovery, but as the video comes to an end, we get the impression that refinement was not an outcome. The rather stirring music video left me meditating about the importance and value of helping others regain fortitude and resilience after significant trauma in their lives.

At this moment, we all face a significant amount of time to reflect on our everyday lives as the world has slowly come to a halt and the fight many are facing is apparent; ‘Struggle’ is the perfect meditative track for your quiet quarantine days spent with loved ones.

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