Handsome Luke | 'Sicario'

New electro-tinged track 'Sicario' by L.A based rapper/singer Handsome Luke points out that everyone has light and darkness in them. Released on July 17th the track supports a defiant lyrical message that speaks of blasting your way to the top through positive energy and determination. The track is produced by Christopher ‘Tito JustMusic’ Trujillo – who has worked with many stars in the music industry including Lady Gaga and Migos.

Handsome Luke's stage name is inspired by 2012 film Place Beyond The Pines, Ryan Gosling's character especially, for his mysteriousness. We were first introduced to Luke in July 2019 with single 'O.G' which demonstrated the musician's versatile vocals. Now, a year later, Luke's discography has tripled in size and he now holds over 700,000 streams on Spotify.

Luke tends to spend 12-15-hour sessions in the studio daily, honing and perfecting his craft- his drive excels. Growing up in a low-income neighbourhood in Indianapolis with his single mother gave Luke the ambition he needed to focus on succeeding; and it’s this very passion for music that is reflected clearly in his latest offering, “Sicario” which takes listeners through his determined journey in the music industry.

Luke says: “Sicario means ‘hitman’ in Spanish. The song is an analogy for coming into the industry and trying to make a way for me. If you take note of the lyrics - “Coz fighting all I know, I’m on a warpath”- it’s about how there’s always going to be competition, you need to mow them down to make a path for yourself.”

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