• Jacob Harwood

Hanacha | AW20

Womenswear label Hanacha offers a unique fashionable lens this AW20 season, through which garments meet art. Combining ‘Assemblage’, a three-dimensional collage from Picassos sculptures, and her ‘Simplification process in Bauhaus’ thesis, the young designer brought Fashion Scout a display of art; garments that showcased “simple designs, last longer”.

The collection exhibited “the play between fashion and art”, mixing, complex designs, from the early stages of her process, and, fine smooth cuts, to create a cocktail of high, and simple fashion.

Hanacha’s inspiration to combine the two concepts was “based on simplifying constructions”, in doing so “play comes out” from her theory. Bauhaus, combines crafts and the fine arts, in applying this to her AW20 collection, Hanacha has stripped back the clothing to “see a more primary concept of fashion design”.

Beginning with the Assemblage collages, Hanacha isolates colours, patterns, and shapes from the artwork, to apply to her collection. From placing large polka dots on a sophisticated two piece, to a flowing, almost seamless polished trench coat, the “fashion is allowed to play with the art”, in a way that begins to bridge the gap between fashion, and artistic talent.

Photography by Henry Nash

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