• Eloise Kirton

Glowe | 'Overwhelmed' Release

Georgia Lowe AKA GLOWE is London’s exceedingly gifted 21-year-old up and coming singer/songwriter and multi- instrumentalist. After the initial release in early March, last week GLOWE released her music video for her new single ‘Overwhelmed’. As expected, on the back of the masterpiece which was her ‘falling’ music video released last summer, the visuals behind the ‘Overwhelmed’ video perfectly resemble the quirky, sassy style of GLOWE’s dynamic, punchy vocals perfectly laced throughout the track. Dressed in bold, stylish ensemble paired with an array of accessories expressing Georgia’s unique style, the video continues to convey her modish aesthetic to her fans.

‘Overwhelmed’ is GLOWE’s second official music video release and after 2019 thankfully placed her into her own path of success, it will surely light the way for what is expected to be a triumphant year for this Watford born and bred talent. Last year, upon the release of first single ‘Realise’ Wonderland Magazine were quick to express their excitement for this young artist and championed her in their 2019 ‘Ones To Watch’ List. The BBC soon followed up with encouragement and luckily Spotify added the first 4 singles to ‘New Music Friday’ which culminated in her being the face of ‘New Pop Revolution’. GLOWE created a new live concept ‘Glowe In The Dark’ which was launched in London, and at the end of what was the most successful year in her career so far, GLOWE finished with her first headline show at Servant Jazz Quarters.

‘Overwhelmed’ is the opening track on GLOWE’s EP ‘Daughter’ soon to be released on May 15th, consisting of 6 beautifully eloquent tracks ranging from songs filled with passion and ardour to simpler more emotive tracks.

As we venture into 2020, not only is GLOWE releasing her ‘Daughter’ EP, she continues to produce new projects in light of her increasing fan base. Lee Cooper’s new SS 2020 campaign features an especial track composed by GLOWE specifically for the campaigns release. Aside from Georgia’s music career, she will be starring in season 2 of TNT/Paramount production show ‘The Alienist’ alongside Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans, showcasing her array of talents across the creative arts industry. She surely is one to watch this year.

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