Glowe | British girls heartbreak representative

Honest and relatable musical guidance for Britain's heartbroken generation is vital within musical history, becoming a spokeswoman in handling romantic situations during school periods is 20 years-old pop artists Georgia Lowe (Glowe) raised in Watford. Expanding on her unique strong vocal sounds Glowe's musical style is guaranteed to pull on the heartstrings of many young girls across the country alongside being the musical shoulder to cry on in any stressful romantic situation.

Holding truthful lyrics within her tracks Glowe's music holds straight to the point messages surrounding romance and emotions within youth "I don't really know what genre my music is, I guess it is pop, but I think my music is honest and conversational because whenever I'm writing a song I just write whatever is going on in my head. I don't tend to go for like imagery, there's not a lot of hidden meanings in my music, it says it how it is, just conversational and real."

A high persistence in performing by influences in Glowe's family, her heart has continually been set on demonstrating her creativity live "My dad is an actor so I've always grown up with performance in my family and my mum plays the violin and piano." Describing herself a 'musical nerd' Glowe was always put at centre stage, becoming the lead role in Little Shop of Horrors and playing the cello "I want to go back to it actually as its quite a unique instrument to play but people use to take the piss outta me at school for playing it. Now I'm out of school I don't give a fuck but its just finding the time to get back into it".

"As a girl, I grew up loving London Grammar, I saw them in concert and I just started crying, the lead singer Hannah Reid she is just amazing. Also, Lily Allen is a huge inspiration to me in my musical direction." Not only sprouting a solid music ability Glowe has been focusing on more acting elements including filming in Budapest for Netflix/TNT show 'The Alienist'. "Because I'm an actress as well I've been trying to balance to two of them so I've been taking guidance from people who are also juggling to two. There's this singer Raleigh Ritchie he was in Game Of Thrones alongside realising an album, so it's just looking for people like that to take my inspirations from".

Grasping influence from many elements in her life Glowe's tracks represent not just a single feeling or situation "I always draw from previous experiences but one song won't have to be about one particular situation in my life, I also like to just completely make up a situation, especially when I'm working with another producer or artist sometimes you just create a situation in the song and go from there really." Developing a bigger understanding of the music industry and learning differing mindsets when releasing music Glowe recognises the possible challenges "I sometimes get nervous putting music out because people automatically think it's about an ex or 'oh that about this situation' there is something revealing about putting music out there but I'm getting the hang of it and I'm writing more music."

"Of recent I'm really enjoying being in the studio, I've been working with different producers that I get along so well with so it just becomes like a day out, its a really fun experience." Moving her interests towards producing music, Glowe is devoted to working with new producers, artists and rappers finding musical inspiration and similarities across the music spectrum. "I take inspiration from whatever like, I love listening to rap so I take lots of inspiration from that, for instance, the rhymes and how they fit everything together "I've spoken to Frankie Stew recently and he said he wants to work on something together, I love the idea of featuring on a track with a rapper, people like Finn Foxell or ideally the biggest rapper I would love to work with is Tyler The Creator".

Praising her team and helpful guidance from her manager Thor Sutherland Glowe is finding out more about her fanbase and having more girl reach out to her "I have a great manager, he's 21 we met at a drum and bass rave, we are such good mates so he always tells me the honest opinion I'm so grateful I'm not stuck with an older manager as he helps me so much reaching out to my particular fanbase." Having stereotypically youthful female relating music style Glowe knows the ins and outs of her audience "I love this singer called Miraa May and I feel like we go for a similar sort of message, in her music you can hear what kind of person she is and you hear personality through her sound. She talks about her life living in London and not putting up with any shit from boys or other people and I respond to that". Feeling inclined to help younger girls during difficult times at school Glowe's music is highly relatable for the boy infused teenage tantrums.

"I just think with girls in our society, especially ones younger than me, they need like a spokesperson for stuff they are going through as I don't think I have than when I was younger, I want there to be someone for young girls to look up to." Empowering younger women and becoming the best figure to look up to Glowe is being noticed by heartbroken girls across Britain "When the first song 'Realise' came out I had a few girls reach out saying I've just been through a break-up and this is so relatable and you understand how I feel so much."

Latest track 'Stronger by the Day' was released April 26 to all Glowe's streaming platforms"I worked producer Brendon Davis with on 'Stronger by the day', we managed to make the whole track in one session, there's just something about the beat that I'm in love with. I think, if the beat has a good rhythm its easier to write to, I had the image in my head of two people breaking up and the girl is sitting there thinking I'm ready for you to go. It starts "said you were leaving but it goes on and on" its that whole thing of having a breakup and the other person not accepting that they need to go. I wanted to write something to say breakups are alright and you will get over it."

August 9th is the next release date for Glowe with newest creation 'Falling' "I made it with SG Lewis's performance team including Tom Dunne, Max William and Nick Rogers. It's a bit more electronic than 'Stronger By The Day', its basically about me thinking about what I wanted to hear as a girl at school. There's a line that says "wish I could say that everything is alright and gonna go your way but it might not and that's ok" it is about girls who need to stop getting stressed about some boy at school, it's a letter to myself at a younger age. The music video is out a week after the track and it's filmed all over London featuring this iconic bright pink armchair. It's directed and produced all by my close friend Savannah Seymour its a step up from what I've done previously and I love it!" Look out for 'Falling' on Glowe's major streaming platforms.

Socially guiding young women in the best direction Glowe has eyes set on making more music and keeping her sound unique and empowering for all young girls of Britain "I'm working on loads of new music and hopefully releasing an EP in like November, I've literally just been thinking about the name, I've been in thoughts of 'The Glow up' haha... but I'm not too sure on that yet." By relating to the hearts of thousands and healing sorrows of young breakups Glowe is driven to keep pushing her message and being the woman that her generation may not have had.

Photography by Izzy Clark

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