Genavant | SS19

Founded by the world renowned shoe designer Jimmy Choo and third generation jewellery designer Mr. Reggie Hung, the characteristics of true expertise and artistry reside at the core of Genavant.

Displaying an elaborate shoe collection in their Spring/Summer 2019 presentation at this year’s London Fashion Week, the line of decorative footwear, aims to balance contemporaneousness with Chinese tradition. Pairing the line with customary qipaos, an iconic garment of Chinese culture, the collection radiates female empowerment, elegance and freedom through the rich fabrics, classic shades and accessories representing mid-century Asia.

With the focus for their SS19 collection based around the glamorous, energetic heart of 1940’s shanghai, Genavant draws inspiration from culture clashes that defined the metropolis and formed the prosperous city that it is renowned for today. Combining western fashion influences with elements of old world china, the two fused together creates a collection filled with detailed embroidery and vivid aesthetic.

This seasons iconic shoe labelled ‘The flying cloud’ features a set of 18K gold bejewelled birds and flowers, spiralled around the delicate pink satin of the shoe, incorporating natural rubies, and diamonds. Embodying the contemporary design of the footwear and the intricate craftmanship associated with the founders of the brand, the quality and versatile wearability, represents Genevant as a brand, refining modern luxury and symbolism within fashion.

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