Future Collective Presents | AW20

In their AW20 London Fashion Week catwalk, Future Collective Presents three designers all with very different approaches to fashion. The individualism of each meant a vibrant and varied show of representation. And, they were all accessorised by Wirdora. Founded by Wirdalina Tauhed in 2016 Wirdora is a hijab accessories brand in Malaysia, which uses Swarovski crystals imported from Austria - they are both glamorous and affordable.

Antonia Nae London led the catwalk with her looks that sliced like a blade - the all-black designs, with a hint of white collars and cuffs, showed a dark sensual power.

Antonia Nae London is a ready-to-wear and couture label whose garments experiment with the manipulation of fabrics by combining soft lace and silks with leather and embellishments. At her Graduate Fashion Week 2016 in London, she won the award for ‘Lipsy the Best Red Carpet Dress’.

One iconic piece - a corset over a white shirt and a cut off jacket seemed very formal and masculine, however, paired with chiffon trousers over leather shorts shows the true nature of the Antonia Nae London label; a daring combination of fabrics that forgets their stereotypes and takes on new meanings in her garments.

McCullough describes itself as "common goods for uncommon people." Founded by Julie McCullough, her designs are without season have a focus on comfort, wearability and responsibility towards use of textiles such as Cupro, Eucalyptus, and Hemp, which her latest collection introduces.

Her collection is ready-to-wear, with loose, flowing shapes, earth tones and patterns of florals and landscapes. With many layers and most looks paired with a belt-bag, this was a collection of casual but classic looks. Such as the mustard coloured shirt dress with embroidered belt-bag, brown leggings and lace-up boots - McCullough respects all shapes, sizes and genders and designs clothing that anyone can find their identity in.

Louis De Gama is a Portuguese fashion designer based in London, his clothing is based on a confident feminity and his latest collection introduces his new sustainable approach to fashion. With a collection of all dresses, Louis De Gama has an electric colour palette of reds, pinks and greens. They are all loose fitting and each has its own personality. A personality shown through a black coat being untied at the end of the catwalk and slowly dropped down to the floor to reveal a vibrant, black-less dress of ruched red, pink and peach fabrics. This collection embraces the idea of the feminine woman and gives her many choices in design.

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