Francesca R Palumbo | Interview

Highlighting the natural form of the female body through her unique, contemporary knitwear designs Francesca Palumbo challenges fast fashion, with her focus on sustainability, intricate work and exploration of textures and drapes. The Middlesex university graduate has built a strong reputation within the fashion industry, showcasing her designs off schedule at London Fashion Week 2018 and reaching finalist level at Britains Top Designer 2018.

Currently working on her latest collection 'Pearls Of Disparity II' Francesca's passion for design began in her early years, "when I was little it was sparked by my dancing and wearing costumes. I loved to watch them being made and often helped make my outfits". Evolving as a designer throughout her time at university, Francesca adapted her ideas into the contemporary and original designs that she presents today. "I have always been jotting down designs and ideas, when I went to university I started exploring how I could bring my concepts and ideas together. I am continuing to explore and push my designs through my collections".

Raising awareness to real world events and the problems faced in society through her designs, Francesca pushes the boundaries of traditional knitwear, representing the growing importance of sustainability in the fashion industry "I feel its important as a designer to use my work to raise awareness, be a voice and challenge issue in society whether it be environmental, political or a social issue". Incorporating the concept of empowerment for women in her latest collection, Francesca R Palumbo is rapidly becoming a renowned, international name, acting as a voice for women across the globe. "My work is aimed at empowering women, through making them feel confident, sexy and beautiful. I want women who wear my clothes to feel confident and able to make a difference in today society".

Exploring a range of visuals, drawn from her own personal style and previous collections, the personality of Francesca Palumbo is perfectly channeled into each design, adding further depth and emotion into her work "My personality and interests play a massive part in my designs they influence what I look at for inspiration, the shapes, colours and silhouettes of my collections". Drawing inspiration range of cultures, music and celebrities, aspects from each influence are infused into her collections, displaying the passionate, creative personality behind each design and creating a story behind each garment, building a powerful connection with its wearer.

Acting as an influential voice for women in her latest collection, Francesca Palumbo's designs represent her passion towards world issues, exploring feminism and inequality in her latest collection, "I use my collections as my response and reaction, Pearls of Disparity is my reactions to the inequalities women faces in today’s society. Within this collection, I explored feminism and femininity focusing on how we are perceived and treated in society".

Showcasing a perfect balance between empowerment and beauty in her latest collection, the passion and depth behind Francesca Palumbo's designs and her inspirational approach to sustainability represent the future of fashion and highlight Francesca R Palumbo as a designer to watch for 2019.



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