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Demanding a forever lasting music movement in London's underground music scene stands 22-year-old Floetic from Croydon. Complexifying his music using English literature and language devices, with underlying poetic tones Floetic's music is representing the logical side of UK rap. Releasing two authentically memorable singles out since 2017 this young creative is on the scene and predicted to be noticed!

With no means of naming or shaming his unique sound under a specific genre, Floetic is insistent himself and his music moves along with time "I feel like I don't like to put myself in a specific genre, I'm a very fluid person naturally even outside music so when I do music it seems to translate into it, that's why I call my music infinity music because it's like forever. I feel like when you put your music in a genre it also gives it a specific time-period as genres as phases always come and go, one thing that might be popping now might not be popping in the next two, three years so I wanna make infinity music that will forever be there." Connecting himself to his quirky poetic interests Floetic can experiment with his lyric abilities bringing many clever techniques into his sound without them being easily noticed "My music is different in ways of my flow in the instrumental, my artist name is Floetic because it's a mix of flow and poetry. Whatever I'm doing it won't necessarily sound like spoken word or poetry but when you actually take the lyrics and what I've written it will look like poetry in terms of the poetic devices or English literature and language, I've always been a nerd for English so when I'm writing it comes through my flow, syllables and rhyme scheme is different, I think its hard to imitate my flow".

Musical heroes in Floetic's life include lyrical masterminds who can creatively play around with word schemes "My biggest inspirations are people like Kendrick Lemar because I've done music for many years even before I knew him, I found him when I was like 15-16 years old and it was a time in my life when I wasn't doing much, just jammed to music every single day. It's just mad because I feel like the way he writes it like he's talking and that's something I try and take into my music. When I'm writing I try to have a message behind it or it's just like I'm talking to a friend or myself from a different perspective." Also following genres like grime, soul and drill Floetic is tiptoeing through the ranges of song-development methods, saying he must only be in one of two mental states to create a real tune "When I go about writing a song I have t be completely isolated headphones in zoned out or I have to be around people that I'm 100% comfortable with, I usually write better in a group full of my closest people, so say if my friends are all in the same room and I'm comfortable with them with good vibes that's when I usually develop some of my greatest songs, I just bounce off peoples energy and the vibe in the room."

Motivation in Floetic's music stems from close personal experiences and real-life situations that influence him to creatively write, like many other rap artists the best lyrical songs come from the worst situations, Floetic comments "Growing up I didn't think I was the happiest in my household, in terms of my home life. I feel like when I was going through that music was the only thing that meant I could express myself and let my thoughts and emotions out so I feel like from those times it's differently influenced my music to how it is now. When I write music I promise you 100% every single song has come from the heart or a place or time in my life." Moving alongside the growth of his music Floetic has fallen hard for the musical making lifestyle "Performing is my favourite part of music, I feel like songs are like babies, you've looked after it, nurtured it, built it from scratch, then when you put it on a stage your showing the world like this is what I've created, that's when I get the best out of my music, on stage with a finished product and I can really express myself".

Latest track 'Serious' granted more and more enthusiasm into what's in store for Floetic and his poetically authentic sound "I wrote 'Serious' early this year, around January its funny how this song came about because I just woke up one day humming the hook in my head, I had no words to it yet but it was in my head for like 2 days, I was like singing it the shower mumbling so eventually I told myself I needed to write something with the melody and used an instrumental then the lyrics came naturally. It was a long process making the track on the days leading up to it, usually, I can write a song in a day. Once I released it a good few people messaged me saying 'oh yeah this song relates to me' or 'when I listen to your song it motivates me' so I feel like I'm doing what I plan to do with my music which is relating to people, reaching out to people and I am building a fanbase too, when I release like freestyle posts I defiantly feel like I get engagement so something is growing".

Hooking up with other creative underground artists is upcoming in unfolding Floetic's music career "I'm up for collaborating with loads of underground artists a couple of artists I'm listening to at the moment are 'Tizz' from Birmingham, he plays on a scumbag stereotype of males another one is 'Len' he's cold with a new sound fusing hip-hop and trap. I even like singers like 'Ayze' he's getting uni performances showing his modern RnB sound." Expanding on his already widened musical and English knowledge Floetic has more projects set to release this year "At the moment I've got a 'Black Box' coming out that I recorded last week, it's coming out this month it includes a couple of tracks, free-styling and after that, I've got some singles on the way".

Keep an eye out for a lyrical mega-mind in the motion of destroying the rap conventions in the underground music scene and turning heads with his Shakespearean and poetically enhancing English techniques.

"Without music, the world wouldn't be like this. It influences the world both negatively and positively and I wanna influence the world". - Floetic 2019

Photography by Henry Nash

Special thanks to SPRAYGROUND

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