FJU Talents | SS19

Bringing together a collection of three up and coming designers, this years FJU talents runway featured collections from Ming Jo Hsieh, Kai Ting Chen and Yi Hsuan Wang.

First to present her collection on the runway Ming Jo Hsieh Taipei, showcasing a line of oversized silhouettes. Basing her collection on the ideas surrounding different outlooks of beauty, the designer draws inspiration from the streets and scavengers of Taiwan, finding beauty in unexpected places, “people only see beauty in the pretty thing or the complete thing, I find beauty everywhere”. Using unconventional beauty within her collection the designer incorporates unexpected materials such as plastics plastic bags, printed with vivid, colourful images and newspaper prints, highlighting the features of the streets in Taiwan, and representing a deviation from typical fashion statements.

Following a process of design Ming Jo Hsieh Taipei, began the creation of her collection combining images within a collage, leading to the creation of the unique printing associated with her line. Followed by a process of draping and pattern placement the remainder of her design process continued with a natural flow allowing for her ideas to slowly seep into the designs, “sudden inspiration might result in last minute details being added to the designs, the flow is natural, I just go with it”.

Second to hit the catwalk was Kai Ting Chen’s collection, creating a beautifully thought out representation of a soldiers gradual progression into insanity. Inspired by the movie ‘City of Life and Death’ the collection depicts a soldiers experience in the military, beginning his career intending to do good, the solider is forced to kill and injure, leading him down a path of insanity. This progression is seen within the line “the collection fades from pure whites into darker shades representing the soldiers gradual progression into insanity”.

With the movie based on the Nanking massacre in China, the collection is printed with a series of newspaper coverage of the event, focusing on sensitive words to emphasise the devastation the event caused “the print contains sensitive words relating to the massacre to draw attention to the devastation caused in china as a result”. The newspaper creating a signature print, establishing her mark as a designer.

The designers interest in fashion sparked at the age of 10, spending her time in local bookstores in Taiwan the artist would read about design and observe images of renowned collections in the industry. Building her career up over the years, Kai Ting Chen’s collection achieved the desired attention from the audience at this year’s London Fashion Week, leaving her mark in the industry as a designer to watch.

The final designer to display his collection Yi Hsuan Wang, presented a collection displaying the designers refined technique for geometric tailoring. Creating uniquely shaped silhouettes, the use of a simple colour palette consisting of blacks, whites and reds, created the basis for his collection, with his vision drawn from Taiwan’s traditional Ba Jia Jiang face totem and the culture of Taiwan. Using childhood memories to and the emotions related to these, the designer incorporated these within his designs. “When I was younger I would visit lots of places in Taiwan with my father, I draw on those memories and the way they made me feel to influence my collection.”.

With his collection taking almost six months to complete, the intricate shapes and design techniques come from a raw, improvised, design process, with the collection and creation forming straight from the designers ideas and thought pattern, “I don’t think about it too much, I just do it”.

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