Fendi X Fila | FendiMania

This week, the controversial collection FendiMania was released. A collaboration between the iconic high fashion brand Fendi and the famous sport and streetwear brand Fila. Despite the huge popularity of both brands the collection released, even with the creative and unique designs, showcased a clear winning brand out of the collaboration. The collection received a series of reactions from consumers, particular from lovers of the Fendi brand, spurred from worries that the brand was detaching from the trademark personality it originated from, through collaborating with Fila.

Echoing references to sport and music the FendiMania collection features a bold contrast between graphic pairing, dynamic prints and individual designs from the instagram artist ‘REILLY’. Perfectly embodying the personality of Fila and the aspects that relate to the brand, the collection highlights the versatility of the Fila brand, adding a further level of class to the brand through the use of the Fendi logo design. In contrast however, Fendi, a brand built on luxury, class and elegance contrasts against the ideas embodied in the design, cheapening the brands aesthetic and overall appeal

The merge between amped up logos, patterns and bold colours dominate the overall aesthetic of the collection, using recurring FF prints and graphics, splashed across the genderless accessories and designs. Playing with the colours and design of the Fendi logo, the designer infuses the colours and design of the Fila emblem creating a merge between the traits of each companies branding.

This is not the first high fashion and streetwear collaboration to come this year with the Karl Lagerfeld X Puma set to launch today. A collection perfectly embodying the personality of each brand, a trait that unfortunately is difficult to perceive in Fendi X Fila collaboration.

The collection is available to purchase on the Fendi Website.

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