Female Powerhouse Rae Lim | Q&A

Rae Lim, the female powerhouse dropped her latest single 'Fortune Cookie' last month. The single is amazingly unapologetic just like Rae herself as it’s a fun-filled mix of RnB, pop with a military war-like tone.

During the recent COVID-19 lockdown, Rae’s adoration for music grew as she longed to keep busy and keep creating. Her first track 'Lullaby' was released in January 2020 which presented a darker tone of Rae Lim’s music. After that came the melodic pop single 'If I Were In Love' which gained over 100k streams on Spotify.

As well as being a musician Rae also is an actor, she played a lead voice-role in the short animation film “Edge Of Sleep”, she has also played roles in the TV-series “Catastrophe”, “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and “Avenue 5”. She can be seen on the silver screen in the upcoming Bond film “No Time to Die” and later on in Tom Clancy’s “Without Remorse” with Michael B Jordan. 

She describes her music and acting as two different personas of who Rae is, the comedic, bubbly actress has an unapologetic powerful alter ego which is Rae’s music. In an interview with Rae below, we get to know her personality behind the talent and also find out about her latest single. 

Where are you from / where did you grow up?

I’m originally from Singapore, but I moved to the UK when I was 13, so I think of it as my home.

What are your favourite things about being a UK based artist?

There’s an incredible amount of diversity in the UK and I think that’s reflected a lot in the music. Although there are some artists who are known globally, I feel like the UK has its own music scene and it’s really exciting!

How would you describe your style of music?

Autobiographical. Heh, can you even really use that term to describe music? I think it’s best to write about things you know about, and that you’ve personally experienced because everyone has a different story, and hopefully my story resonates with other people.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go & why?

OMG GREECE! I’ve been dying to go and I did actually book a trip to Santorini and Athens last year, but it clashed with an acting job so I had to miss my trip. But I’m totally obsessed with ancient Greek and Roman history, so I’d love to go and see their gorgeous architecture (or what’s preserved of it, anyway). I’ve already been to Rome, so Greece is the priority :D

What has been your hardest achievement?

Graduating law school, I think. I did the GDL, which was the one year (9 months, really) conversion, and I did that whilst working as a legal assistant and shooting music videos. I remember walking into lectures in full music video gear and I think everyone thought I was a joke, but I passed all my exams first time, which was pretty amazing because to this day I still find Equity a totally different language.

What's the number one thing you love about yourself?

I’m ultra-resilient. You can throw a million punches at me, but I’ll get up a million and one times. It feels harder nowadays because - Covid - but we’re all struggling together and finding ways to shine through it.

Which genre of music could you never live without?

AHHHH! This question is way too hard and it’s not fair. But I’ll go with K-Pop. Even though I only speak the language very basically thanks to Duolingo, in my darkest moments, those are the songs I go to because they always have an uplifting beat; but also because it makes me think about the number of hours they put in and it makes me more motivated to keep working.

How do you overcome negative emotions? 

I love to dance! It’s my happy place. I’m not that great at it, but there’s definitely something about letting loose and trusting your body to flow to the beat that’s really satisfying. I also like training with weapons. At the moment I’m trying to learn nunchucks, bo staff and swords, but, it’s a little tough over Zoom -.-

What charity are you supporting the most at the moment?

I’ve always been a big supporter of Amnesty International, which campaigns for basic human rights, but lately, I’ve refocused any charitable donations to the BLM movement. 

Everyone's obsessing over your latest track "Fortune Cookie", will you tell us a little about the track?

Hehehehehe I hope they’re not actually obsessing over it because that was me when I wrote it and obsession is a terrible feeling LOL. But yes! It’s a fun, R&B vibe type jam that talks about not wanting to be stereotyped. I’m not even sure that’s the right genre, because when I tracked it I had sort of epic fantasy gaming battle music in my head, which evolved over the time that I was working with my producer. 

What drink would you normally order on a night out?

Weirdly I’m not that into alcohol - probably because I sniff some and get tipsy with the benefit of looking like a tomato (yayye Asian flush) but I do love cocktails. And pink moscato. Definitely pink moscato. 

What's most motivating to you?

In general? Well, there are a few people I look up to (okay, more than a few), but most people are motivating to me. I think being in the entertainment industry means you meet people who’ve worked blood, sweat and tears to be here, so they’re always pushing and always levelling up. Coming from a 9-5, I also know what it’s like to choose security to make ends meet for whatever reason, and I think no matter what your story is, there’s something motivational and inspirational about everyone. 

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