Fashion and the Female Nipple

Over the years the debate of the female nipple has been highly discussed. From protests against the censorship and criminalisation of women’s breasts, 'free the nipple' campaigns, and the argument of equality across the genders, each individual dispute surrounds the undeniable fact that both male and female nipples are almost identical.

The sexualisation of the female breast throughout generations, has suppressed the freedom of exposure for women, in contrast, men possess this liberty with the concept considered a social normality. The outdated perceptions surrounding the female nipple, have led to common misconceptions about the appropriateness of its exposure, even going so far as to shame the act of public breast feeding. Focusing on one fundamental point, be it male or female, a nipple is a nipple.

Moving away from the conservative outdated trends, the celebration of the female nipple introduces a new era of self-acceptance and body confidence, in a mixture of classy and confident collections displayed across this year’s London Fashion Week catwalks and presentations.

An exceptional example of the beginning of this movement was by Mara Martin, a sports illustrated model who went against typical social conventions, choosing to breastfeed her five month old on the runway, demonstrating a resilient stand against the inequality surrounding the female nipple.

In a celebration of femininity, and social acceptance of the female nipple, the highpoint of the AW19 and SS19 collections, has been the display of female nipples showed proudly under delicately layered mesh and tucked behind open front blazers and highlighted by the vibrant lights of the runway.

In a movement of freedom, up and coming designers from across the globe, have showcased a new era of fashion across New York, Paris, Milan and London Catwalks. Confidence and bold statements go hand in hand and the celebration of the male and female body have appeared across runways from the likes of Isa Arfen, Paula Knorr and Lunyee.

With a set of fresh, open-minded designers breaking into the industry, an era of gender fluidity and equality within the fashion industry, is sure to influence, gender stereotypes and diminish the sexualisation of the female nipple.

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