Ella M | "Myself"

British artist Ella M releases her single “Myself,” she wrote the track after first moving to LA and spending a lot of time by herself and getting used to being alone. "Myself" is the first single off of Ella's upcoming YELLOW BLAZER EP, out October of this year. 

The song "Myself" expresses a need Ella M was feeling for love and intimacy as a distraction from deep-rooted feelings and problems. Adapting to the isolation which came only a few months later from the COVID 19 quarantine helped to inspire the creation of the visual.

Ella M is not only a singer but a songwriter and storyteller too, drawing emotionally earnest inspiration from her own life experiences, ranging from the nuances of family and personal relationships to the trials and tribulations that come with pulling up roots and moving countries. Born in Henley-on-Thames, England, Ella picked up her life with family when she was just 11 years old, moved to New York, and now lives and performs locally in Los Angeles. Her experiences are conveyed through soulful vocals, underlined with jazz undertones, an apt metaphor for a resilient and upbeat approach to life as one of the “UK’s Top 50 Emerging Artists.”

Genres reflected in Ella’s work include RnB, jazz and soul, with influences such as Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse making themselves known in the track's heartfelt and punchy lyrics. Her first single, “Myself” earned industry recognition from entertainment leaders such as EARMILK, LadyGunn and Grimy Goods, just to name a few. These names appeared again as the artist produced her second single, “Take Yourself Home,” which reflected experiences coming into her own as an independent artist in LA, standing up not only for herself but also for all artists seeking an earnest means of expression.

The video for “Myself” shows Ella’s adjustment to creating while she has been quarantined in Miami, where she has been staying with family. It was shot completely on an iPhone X and produced by friends, who began media and production company GOODHOUSE Productions, as a reaction to the quarantine as well. The video is created to make it look like Ella is a moving image in a static picture and incorporates many graphic elements to convey the feeling of reading a personal journal. 

Stay up to date with Ella M and check out her monthly new releases from her YELLOW BLAZER EP, coming October 2020. Also, find her performing live at staple music venues around the West coast including but not limited to, The Hotel Cafe, The Standard and The Peppermint Club.

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