Ella M | '24 Hours'

British singer/songwriter and storyteller; Ella M drops 90s tape-recorder visuals for pop track '24 Hours'. This single comes as the second instalment from her upcoming YELLOW BLAZER EP, coming to our ears this October. 

Shooting the entire video on an iPhone during quarantine, the process relates highly to the single's inspiration of not having enough time in the day to connect online with all your friends. '24 Hours' comes after Ella M's breakthrough single 'Myself' which was the first thing she wrote after moving to LA, 'Myself' has now reached over 30,000 streams and '24 Hours' has gained over 80,000!

The '24 Hours' visual comes from Ella's adaptation to our new 'normal' life, where many of our intimate moments that would usually be in person have been shifted to phone interactions. As her time with friends began being spent solely over Facetime she found that keeping connected was a struggle, and 24 hours in the day just never seemed like enough time, especially due to time differences when talking to her core group of friends who relocated around the world. The video was shot on an iPhone using a tripod with fisheye lens details added throughout. The video was edited, directed, and styled by Ella's creative collaborators Yasmin Jansen and creative director, Dean DiCrisio.  

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