ELIZZA | "Habit"

Latvian-born, London based singer ELIZZA, known for her smash RnB RnB hits “Can’t Quit” and “Want To Keep” has dropped her latest single yet called “Habit”. This latest single points the artist in an exciting new direction, as she pulls sounds from across the mainstream together to produce an emotional banger that’s ready for the Top 40.

The new hit is a love-song draped across reggaeton and dancehall beats, which is another step forward in ELIZZA’s musical evolution. Speaking about the video for “Habit”, ELIZZA says: “I want to show my romantic and the vulnerable side, the one who believes in all things beautiful. There is a butterfly element included in the video, as it's a symbol of spiritual change, personal transformation, freedom and rebirth as I am trying to free myself from these questions and move forward.”

“Habit” follows up the Myles Stephenson collaboration “Want to Keep” and her November release “Can’t Quit”. Both tracks demonstrating growth from ELIZZA that indicate towards an extraordinary rise.

The ideas behind “Habit” came out of the blue during a journey to a studio session - an artist who overflows with natural creativity, ELIZZA often receives bolts of inspiration from the blue, recording melodies and lyrics as voice notes in her phone before fleshing them out in the studio with talented producers. This creative process has brought to life a series of incredible singles that point towards a long and successful musical career for a musician determined to express her vision to the world.

“In the song’s lyrics, I’m trying to figure out if what I feel in a particular relationship is still real and flourishing, or whether what I feel is there because we are trying to hold onto something. It’s about a romantic uncertainty in a relationship and trying to figure it out whether you’re in it because it is still worth holding on or are you in it just because you’re so used to it.”

ELIZZA started her journey with music from a very young age: singing, performing and writing poetry when she was young. Initially inspired by pop greats such as Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson, she now also cites artists as such as Dua Lipa, and Jorja Smith as modern-day inspirations.

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