• Eloise Kirton

EJ Jackson | "Motivation" ft Big K.R.I.T and Kincy

Finding the perfect balance between the seductive, slow edge of R&B and the energetic, funky side that never fails to make an atmosphere convivial, is something Chicago based artist EJ Jackson has prospered expertly in the short time he has been releasing music.

In collaboration with Big K.R.I.T and Kincy, all three artists have conjoined their talents and released the compelling new single “Motivation”. The track was co-produced by CoziNobi and Aaron Day and strongly holds everything from soulful, emotive lyrics to fire-fuelled R&B riffs that transform the track into something truly unique and alternative. With both John Legend and Kendrick Lamar serving as major influences for EJ, it is easy to understand how he has managed to master the key facets of the genre.

When speaking about the new single, EJ says that he hopes “Motivation” brings to the surface the idea that “It’s okay to embrace your sexiness” and to “Let your inner beauty be your motivation.” A message that we could certainly all use in a time where appearances and how we look can be given excessive thought and attention.

EJ Jackson has released a number of singles over the past couple of years such as “On My Grind” with 1K Phew and “Easier” with Mila J and with each one a new dynamic to EJ as an artist is revealed to us.

“Motivation”, despite being released just under two weeks ago, has already seen keen support from Grammy Award-winning songwriter Keri Hilson and Sway Colloway, Sirius XM radio personality of the “Sway in the Morning” show. With all of us keen to move into the new year to start rewinding back to normality we believe EJ Jackson will be featuring on more and more of our playlists as the world regains its positivity.

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