Edeline Lee | SS19

Presenting her SS19 collection at this year’s London Fashion Week, Edeline Lee presented her line through the art of design and performance. Inspired by the everyday lives of modern day women her latest collection focused on the feminine state, and the multiple roles played by women throughout their lives.

Edeline Lee’s creative presentation is split into three main aspects of women in fashion, a red carpet arrival, a runway show and an after party. With each scene and choreographed dance displaying different outfits within the collection, the line is made even more vibrant by the inclusion of simple white props throughout each routine. Between these main focus sections, we experience dreamlike arrangements uncovering the vulnerabilities women face in comparison to the confident exterior portrayed.

As a designer dedicated to serving women, her work aims to allow for an outlet of self exploration and discovery through personal style and the ability for women to express their own identities to the outside world.

Developing and experimenting with ruffles, stripes, disorientated zigzags and circles cut into pattern structures, each element has contributed to a line of playful and wearable feminine silhouettes. These techniques have refined the sophisticated signature and craftmanship that is associated with Edeline Lee’s work, leading to a multitude of celebrity buyers, including big names in the music industry such as Karen Elson, Taylor Swift, Solange Knowles.

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