ECKOES | 'The Light'

One of the most moving musicians of this time; ECKOES, releases her latest single 'The Light', revealing yet another layer of her unique sound. On March 13th 'The Light' hit our screens, pulling on the heart-strings of many and intriguing more into her sublime and individual sonic world of sensual vocals. 

Dominating the scene with 100,000 streams in under 4 weeks, previous single ‘Cages’ exploded into life while ‘Without Prejudice’ stormed the Apple Music ‘Best of The Week’ chart on day one. 'The Light' is the next instalment from ECKOES and again displaying her raw & honest textured vocals, balancing despair and hope as it soars over sparse electronica chords. 

After a booming 2019 summer in which ECKOES performed 2 stages at Glastonbury, All Points East & 9 European dates, ECKOES culminated the year by signing to Goldie MBE’s new record label & will feature on Act III of his album ‘Subjective’ out this year.

ECKOES speaks about 'The Light' - “I wrote this at a time when my life as I knew it had imploded. I was mourning for what’s been, but also for the future, I’d planned that would never be. I was lost. ‘The Light’ is an open call for answers- to the skies, to the universe, to whatever - because sometimes you’re walking and the path just stops.”

'The Light' music video released on March 29th, further demonstrating this multifaceted artist’s vision. Set high on the edge of the earth, against the cliffs and the sea, it’s a standalone piece of contemporary art. In a Modèle interview we sit down with ECKOES and chat about her music career so far, and what's to come after 'The Light'.

What has your journey been like so far, building yourself as a musician? 

It’s been a wonderful, challenging & very steep learning/ discovery curve.

What have been the most cherished moments within your music career?

Being able to fly my band out to beautiful European cities to play concerts, after years of them supporting me for basically beer money, in the backs of pubs. And playing Glastonbury.

How do you try and distinguish your individuality in your music? 

I don’t. I lean into my weirdness and there’s no one else living there, so it’s just me. I do avoid creating music that sounds like something that already exists, primarily because it doesn’t excite me & also because I don’t see the point.

Describe what it felt like when you got 100,000 streams in under 4 weeks for 'Cages'?

 I don’t think I can. It’s so surreal - these are thousands of real actual people, going about their daily lives, inviting me in & taking me with them. I felt so blessed.

You performed at many stages in 2019, describe your favourite moments? 

I played in Italy twice and they have been so so wonderful to me. Sonic Visions in Luxembourg was also a magical night but being part of the fabric of Glastonbury- part of the epic production, that’s a moment. People buy their tickets blind half a year in advance - I took that honour seriously. Then I semi stalked Idris Elba who djed on the same stage as us later that night.

What messages are you trying to explore in your latest single ‘The Light’?

A state of stasis & surrender.

You say "The Light’ is an open call for answers- to the skies, to the universe, to whatever - because sometimes you’re walking and the path just stops.” - Explain what you mean by this? 

You don't have to be religious to just close your eyes and ask for guidance. Sometimes we don't even know who or what we’re talking to. What I mean by the path just stopping, is that you can be going full steam ahead and out of nowhere, the life that you’d planned for yourself gets wiped away. And it doesn’t feel like a fork in the road, it feels like - there is no more road. When you hadn’t considered what you were going towards ever not being there.

What inspired you to create 'The Light'? 

It’s a cross between a song and a hymn and a prayer, laid over industrial electronic production. It’s beautiful & hard, fragile but unforgiving. It’s life.

Who would you most like to collaborate with this year?

SOHN, James Blake, Bjork, Arca, & Mucky Beats.

Where do you see yourself & your music in 2 years? 

Evolved into something I can’t even foresee yet - and that makes me so happy.

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