Dualeh Oke | New release 'Level Up'

Radiating high energy and excitement from his newly released track 'Level Up', East London lyricist Dualeh Oke presents the lead single from his forthcoming EP 'Breath it's Oke'.

Influenced by the authentic sound of Hip Hop and in hopes of channelling confidence just like his idols; the dynamic creative artist's Kid Cudi, Chance the Rapper, Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West - 'Level Up' projects the high creative and confident drive Dualeh Oke perseveres.

Projecting his symbolic high energy message going into 2020 with 'Level Up' the rapper is said to have his "heart on his sleeve" as he embodies his opinions on optimism and empowerment.

Dualeh Oke​'s new track 'Level Up' switches from describing the adventures of his past alongside how those adventures moulded him into the person he is now, such as growing up in Newham and his childhood obsessions, namely ​Final Fantasy ​RPG’s and Naruto​.

Dualeh Oke​ effortlessly echoes a catchy chorus, accompanying the active verses that inspire his listeners to experience pride in their own individual adventures. "Dualeh​’s vision and direction as an artist seem clear as he looks to another year of pushing boundaries."

Already having a sold-out headline show under his belt, from his 2019 performance at The Glove That Fits, "Dualeh Oke​ continues to ride the highs". Holding recognition from music publication such as Complex, GUAP Mag and the well-renowned Clash Magazine it seems to be the first crucial steps stabilising his Somali rapper, East London lyricist. Later he was featured on ​The Pit LDN’s ‘Ones To Watch 2020’ cypher on ​Reprezent Radio​ as "2020 promises to be a fruitful year for the young lyricist."

‘Level Up’​ is officially released today, 23rd March​ on all streaming platforms.

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