Drewmula | "Chemistry" EP Q&A

On August 14th South London-based afrobeat artist Drewmula drops his debut EP "Chemistry", its described as a mixture of songs with elements from different genres. This recent EP showcases a "new UK sound" and is inspired by the experience of natural chemistry in romantic relationships. 

Drewmula speaks about his recent body of work "I’ve grown to fall in love with the sounds from Afro-Swing to UK RnB to Pop and Dancehall and I believe that my debut EP represents that.” 

The EP captures a romantic narrative and portrays the stories over nine tracks that loosely chart the course of a relationship, from the initial buzz of excitement to the doubts and insecurities that can threaten any connection. The EP consists of nine genre-bending tracks including breezy "Step Correct", radio-ready single "Wanting", catchy 100k streamed "No Palava" before exploring darker emotional territory on closing track "Cautious". The tracks are cleverly punctuated by interludes that paint a broader picture in the listener’s mind, telling the story of a new connection and following wherever it leads.

In a Modèle Q&A Drewmula describes the music scene in South London, explains his inspirations behind the EP as well as letting us know what to expect for his high-anticipated music videos. 

Is there a song you always find yourself singing in the shower? 

The song I currently find myself singing in the shower is Met Gala by Gunna. He was floating on that song!

How would you describe the music scene in South London?

At the moment, I'd say that the music scene in South London is buzzing! It's all eyes from across the world watching my ends at the moment and I love it. In the past, the scene used to only ever have one or two artists flying the flag for their area, it's different now and about time too.

You're single from February 2019, 'No Palava' reached over 100,000 streams on Spotify, explain how that feels?

It feels amazing, especially knowing all the challenges that I and my team have had to overcome. I haven't been creating music for that long so at times it can feel quite surreal celebrating a milestone like this - my and I team have made a vow to celebrate every win that the Lord blesses us with.

How do you distinguish individuality in your music?

By staying true to myself - colourful, edgy, catchy and hypnotic are a few words that could be described to distinguish my sound.

What is the best advice you've ever given anybody?

I always tell my peoples to stay true to themselves no matter what obstacles may be thrown at them in this life. To never let the opinions of others, dampen your thoughts and to always do what makes you truly happy. In a world full of constant judgement and inequality its best to create your own Utopia through how you want to live it and to protect the frequency you're channelling with your blood, sweat and tears. 

Your new EP 'Chemistry' is inspired by the experience of natural chemistry in romantic relationships. Why were you inspired by this?

So they say that in the science of songs: music can affect your body, mentally and physically in so many different ways. Classical music tends to make shoppers want to buy more. Gentle music can cure insomnia. I wanted to make something that makes you simply feel good, songs that make you want to move & vibe, and most importantly a body of work that will make you want to revisit over and over again.

Chemistry is a mixture of songs with elements from different genres that have heavily influenced me from the early stages of my music career. I’ve grown to fall in love with the sounds from Afro-Swing to UK RnB to Pop and Dancehall and I believe that my debut EP represents that. 

My sound generally tends to be easy on the ear, so I wanted to make a body of work for the people who love to get up off their seats at every function they attend, or for those who love to vibe whilst cruising in their car on a hot summers day or for those who daily commute to work. This is who and what the EP is for!

From the EP 'Chemistry' which of the 9 tracks is your favourite & why?

Oooh! This is a tough question - it changes every time I revisit the EP, each track gives me a different feeling, a different mood. Right now, as we speak, my favourite song would be Cautious - it just hits!

What is the one message you would give to your following?

First and foremost, I cannot thank my supporters enough - they have ridden with me from the get-go and I'd like to let them know that I hope I inspire them to do anything they put their mind to - that is the beauty and satisfaction of this life; seeing the seeds you plant, blossom, and appreciating every single trait that makes us all different from each other.

You have videos for “Cautious” and “Step Correct” coming out this year, can you tell us what to expect?

Yes! Without giving away too much, all I'll say is be ready to see some dope aesthetic with a different but nostalgic approach.

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