Digital Exhibition of New Artworks, Shown Through the Eyes of a Hacker

Have you ever wondered ​how hackers see the internet? How do they steal stuff, how do they communicate with one another, and why are they so feared by the authorities? Combine the answers to all those questions with some of the best contemporary artists around and you have got Mytetra.

On December 10th, Mytetra is launching their HEIST event which aims to promote the innovative connection of people with art and technology. This newly created entity presents conceptual artists who have come together to allow everyday people to peek behind the digital curtain into the world of hacking.

But what is it exactly? Well.... you’ll get to see original contemporary art, made with a variety of methods and disciplines, but converted into text. Not just any text, but text that says nothing... AND it is in an environment which only a hacker would see - think scrolling green text on black, of 90s chat rooms.

Introducing the curator of Mytetra, Moogz - who plays with themes of consent, privacy and dishonesty, and is determined to fluidly transform digital art between mediums. Relentless curiosity and kung-fu ability have enabled Moogz an illustrious career as an ethical hacker with a particular soft spot for government and nuclear assets. Always present in Moogz artistic attitude is the mindset of a benevolent hacker looking to challenge and subvert established rules.

Moogz says “​We want people to feel part of something, we want to connect them to each other, but also to an aesthetic they haven’t seen before. Novelty, inclusion, and interaction, that's our formula, the exhibition isn’t only about the artwork, it's about the chatter that comes as a result of the visuals. By taking part in the chatroom, you’re adding to the art itself​”.

A high-profile selection of 14 artists of various ‘Internet generations’ will present original works which include; Alex Nunez, Billy Colours, Chloe Curry, Finnian Moore, Jessica Quinlan, Julian Brown and more!

HEIST is a group show all about ownership, counterfeiting and translation between digital mediums that question the endless transference of ownership in our era of the daily remix on the Internet.

The exhibition is at 7.30 pm on Thursday 10th December, go here to register.