DB BERDAN X Smiley | SS20 Presentation

Undergoing gender-bending trends and the eradication of heteronormativity London based urban lux label DB BERDAN is the eccentric brainchild of Turkish designers Beg Berdan and Deniz Berdan. Featuring their colourful SS20 collection, in collaboration with Smiley, 'Self Love Club' within the walls of 180 Strand during London's Fashion Week it embraced every element of equality and passed that energy on to everyone.

Intending to unite communities who aren't defined by gender, race or sex and embrace all parts of postmodern society DB BERDAN's garments deliver a unique streetwear structured style, influenced by underground culture and social right movements. Freedom of speech and human rights are also a triumphant theme among many of their designs, extorting prevalent messages relating to Turkish protests against civil unrests and proud advocates of the LGBT+ community when Istanbul banned the equal love gathering of Pride.

Incorporating late 80s and early 90s hip-hop rave culture-inspired silhouettes into their latest SS20 collection 'Self Love Club', DB BERDAN reiterates their subtle meanings of male dominating sports clubs, turning them into an all gendered activity. This beacons on the slogan used 'Racing for equality' and by using bright coloured patterns, re-worked sporting gear; basketball shorts, joggers and tie-dyed hoodies, it enables the equality to stand fierce among the sporting schemes also tributing amazing LGBT+ sporting individuals such as Stella Walsh, Greg Louganis and many more.

Musically influencing the presentation and delivering a chaotic synergy to the signature queer style DB BERDAN holds, director of the 'Self Love Club' presentation Kay Altamira invites hard lyrical-vocalist GIRLI to help embrace all pungent LGBT+ themes within the SS20 collection.

'Self Love' is a notion of self-embrace and love among the variations within different people, DB BERDAN's signature move when designing their latest collection. In collaboration with Smiley; an iconic image of counterculture spreading messages of positivity for over 45 years the collection has incorporated itself into a world of freedom of expression, the pursuit of happiness and 'Self Love'.

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