DB Berdan | AW20 'Scan to Escape'

Encouraged by the alarming emergence of the climate crisis, inclusive brand DB Berdan presents their fully-sustainable and QR coded artistic AW20 collection 'Scan to escape' along the Fashion Scout runway. Unique stars and unexpected models bear all of DB Berdan's eco-friendly, urban lux talent, join Modèle to uncover DB Berdan's insights in our interview with Beg Berdan.

This year DB Berdan pushed the boat right out, as the label embraced sustainability as the principal element, influencing their AW20 collection. "We went through an immense process this season, we really tried to find the best sustainable and green materials, for reals! Not like other brands. So we started with the process of finding fabrics and we found ORTA, this denim company who do incredible innovative fabrics. They had the perfect eco-friendly dye, all-natural and decomposing hemp textiles too!" Using earthy tones like brown and grey the AW20 collection represented healthy, green earth that DB Berdan and the majority of the world long for. Keeping within their Turkish heritage working alongside Turkish denim mill ORTA Beg says, "My Turkish heritage has always influenced my collections, we are a matriarchal company, as a matriarch I think everything we do is Turkish."

Consisting of a multitude of silhouettes including cinched asymmetric dresses, skirts and tops are crafted from recycled multi-stretch polyester alongside reflective bonded oversized hoodie dresses and reclaimed cotton combat trousers made from leftover manufacturing fabrics. "All of the pieces within my AW20 are sustainable, we went from fabric place to fabric place, we managed to get recycled stretch fabric which was made just for us! Even the snaps snaps are made from reduced water, we had zips that were made from plastic bottle caps. Everything you saw in the show is sustainable."

Influenced by the LBGTQ community is signature to DB Berdan, "We don't have a specific type, everyone is welcome to wear my collection; whatever size, age, gender, it's open. Whoever accepts us, we accept them." Being a free-flowing brand neither, nor male or female come into play. "It's very incorporating of the LGBT community, not just the choice of our models but when we chose them it's about enhancing their identities and their feelings." Focusing on genderless designs and silhouettes is a reoccurring theme the label brings forward alongside believing in the "eradication of heteronormativity, combining a community of like-minded individuals, that aren't defined by sex, race or gender." This is not just projected through their latest collection but also their models, one being the rising non-binary pop star Dorian Electra and another being Michael Moon; an unforeseen and enchanting model on every catwalk.

Another element of the outstandingly tailored collection was the artistic QR code flare. Incorporated into each design a QR code was placed linking to an out of this world digital multimedia space generated by various London based artists. "We also incorporated the QR codes, which is really fun! Life is quite crazy right now and sometimes you just want to escape from it so we created this QR code with varies, different artists. One artist is a coder, another is a storyteller. There are videographers, sound artists, anything you can think of and we just created this world so you can escape from everything." Once logged into DB Berdan's cleverly crafted techno world you are faced with so many arty projects and interesting visuals/sounds. DB Berdan collaborated with artists; Ursula Pelczar, Fabrizio Panella, Compiler Zone, Don Carlito, Christoph Andreas Pelczar and Agathe Silvagni.

"We always have this 18th century feel to our designs as I use to be a costume designer student so, I feel that is related into my designs too." - Beg Berdan, AW20 LFW

Photography by Henry Nash

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