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Yesroadkill presents Love & Bass | Wembly Boxpark

Combine Hip Hop, Jazz, Electronica, Techno, Reggae and Old school Soul music, distillate the soulful dance beat and what you have is Love & Bass founded by YesRoadkill, the passionate young duo James and Leon.

April 25, YesRoadkill arranged the Drum and Bass Dance night in Wembley, Boxpark. Entertained by the DJs 4TGang, Villem, Sweetpea and the creators themselves YesRoadkill. Intoxicated by the beat, buzzed by the sheer love and passion for the music generated by the DJs, every attendee danced the night away, at the brisk and invigorating event in one of London's top arena's.

The party was a distinctive one, unforgettable, full of sincere smiles and friendly hugs with effortless conveyance of love for the music and dancing together. “This is about more than just raving; this is about smiling and dancing with each other. We believe enjoying life in a family environment, we get to know each other by these night outs so we are never unsafe because we look out for each other. We are all about the passion for the music, about extending our family and networking” states Charlie, a friend of the YesRoadkill team.

YesRoadkill do not sponsor or advertise and the dance evenings are free, arranged all around Greater London. “We used to go to raves but never really liked anything, but YesRoadkill gives us exactly what we want so we don’t mind making that extra commitment to commute to various locations and that’s how we build networks” says YesRoadkill’s childhood friend Lockie. “See all these people? They are all extended family. And that’s what it is about; extended family and love for the music and to dance to it. Our aim is to grow our family and just smile at each other” Informs Lockie proudly while greeting guests and old friends at the venue.

A contagious effect of smiling rippled throughout the venue, eye-catching at the dance floor and although there was no obvious motto been manifested, just a pure love for the heavy drum and bass beats that echoed throughout the venue. “We came for the passion for Drum & Bass. We like these types of music and we want more of these. Yesroadkill is our local duo and we are here to have fun, see our friends and creating memories” stated the attendees on the dance floor.

Yes Roadkill duo James, a digital media student and Leon, looking forward to higher education in Manchester have been friends since nursery years in Chesham, Buckinghamshire.

“We didn’t like anything we were listening or raving to so we decided to make our own family of music” says James. “We had experiences of listening to Jazz, Oldschool and all kinds of music and we have been inspired by them” Says Leon Passionately “ Our mums” pointing at childhood friend Lockie and James he tells with amusement “ Went to parties in the 80’s and 90’s and oh! Yes! They all danced and were all into it before they had us” says Leon with sheer passion for his creation

“Our parents encouraged us in creating something good, we are interested in the liquid side of the Drum and Bass, Liquid side means the soulful side of this genre” James explains.

“We want to break the stereotype of this kind that drum and bass is all about loud beat and everyone getting into trouble and getting wild and that’s it” Trots Lockie with unalloyed appreciation for YesRoadkill’s work. “We want to dance to the soulful side of Drum and Bass” tells Leon with a tranquil smile.

YesRoadkill does not advertise but it is all via the word of the mouth and social networking and yet the beat is beating faster, venues are more packed with each event, and the duo are determined to continue to arrange parties for as long as they can. “We are not about the money, we all have boring jobs, we all work in warehouses to fund what we do; what we want to do is to build a brand. It is the brand we care about, not the money” tells YesRoadkill whilst being keep interrupted by fans hugging them and expressing appreciation for bringing friends together for a fun night.

It is extraordinary to jaunt the dancefloor and believe all these were created without any promotion, simply for the love of the genre Drum and Base. A group of 15/16 year old friends from Chesham decided to build the YesRoadkill brand, since then the duo have been killing it at Drum and Bass Dance events all across London, making a name for themselves and an unmissable series of events.

A member of the crowd whispers pointing at the DJ Sweetpea dancing in the crowd “I like the girl DJ, she is so cool”. Sweetpea captures and energises the night with her incredible mixes, reinforcing the passion for Drum and Bass she brightens up the DJ booth, inspiring the young audience to follow their passion. “I started to work with music at the age of 13 and I began to go to raves at 18 and I got into D & B” says Sweetpea.

A former Teacher, now working at the Royal Brompton Hospital, the South London DJ Sweetpea has been performing for ten years. “Whatever I do, I do for the love for it. I love doing something rewarding and working with children at the hospital brings me rewards and joy. Likewise D & B and being a DJ feed my passion, I build networks and I feel joy and I can see the people are picking up on the love and that is rewarding” Says Sweetpea with an elated smile.

“Perfect, not a single error” shouts out some of the dancers at Sweetpea and patrons turn up to thank her for such an invigorating evening. “See?” Sweetpea points out with rejoice “This is why I do this! This is what I get! It’s simply the love and joy”.

Childhood nickname Sweetpea, lovingly given by mum to her talented daughter Natasha follows her passion without reservation about her gender. “It’s true that we did not see a lot of female DJs in the past but there is a push for bringing equality and there will be a balanced representation of gender in five years” Sweetpea predicts.

“Whatever you do, do it for the love of it” Says Sweetpea “You need to have passion and come and enjoy and network. Simply come out for the love of it” informs Sweetpea. “I had a bucket list of playing in some great festivals and I have been ticking them off.” Says the appeased DJ.

Sweetpea has published with various record labels such as Medschool, Dispatch, Addictive Behaviour and Terabyte. “Having an aim and keeping networking in the venues in such help to tick our bucket list and we can reward ourselves this way” Sweetpea opens up.

“It’s about a good feeling and feeling free” Jake, Tareq, George and Bella tell the Modèle team. “We are all from Chesham and we come out to make something happen. Perhaps we will expand and meet big record labels but now it is about the happiness” explain the 19 year old participants.

“See our T Shirts? We design them” Jake and Lockie explain enthusiastically. The T Shirts are about the brand. “We want people to come out and share their love for D & B in an extended family. It isn’t about competition, we want to create an ownership of our passion for D & B and the brand is about that and that’s why we design the T Shirts” explains YesRoadkill.

The Duo plan to move to Manchester to study and continue to bring people together in the D & B love & dance boat. “Continue our love for music and bring my generation out and together as long as we can” utter YesRoadkill devotedly

Found out more about Yesroadkill events via their Instagram and Facebook.

Photographer - Princessa Marcolino

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