Cyberdog X Kappa 'Rave Team' | SS21

Inviting us into their own slice of futuristic fashion, cult label favourite Cyberdog and king of retro street apparel Kappa have united once again. Following their previous collaboration ‘Invasion’, the SS21 alliance ‘Rave Team’ perfectly unifies the rave culture identity of Cyberdog with an infusion of the evocative urban design of Kappa.

Celebrating the electric collection, Cyberdog’s Camden mothership store played host to the first catwalk of its kind, melding the electricity of virtual reality with the atmosphere of a runway, physical and digital collided, the collection showcasing both in real life and across laptop screens worldwide.

Stepping into the luminous setting, surrounded by an array of Cyberdog garments, attendees were transported into, a Cyberdog crafted, intoxicating world, of futuristic apparel.

The limited-edition collection, comprised of 33 exclusive cyber-sport pieces, marks a moment in fashion history, showcased amid a digital fashion week we may never experience again.

Boundless and brighter than ever, Cyberdogs latest ravewear instalment and newest edition to the Kappa collaborations saga, powered down the catwalk, a first glance at the progression of rave wear for future generations.

Designed by Cyberdog Co-Founder and Creative Director Terry Davy, the collection boasts an explosion of luminous neon’s, iridescent logos and animated LED face masks and glasses. Iconic vivid colour palettes associated with Cyberdog blend perfectly with retro Kappa tracksuits, layered upon by bold striking logo accents. Futurism and nineties nostalgia clash, whilst design styles merge, forming a perfect cohesion of the brands, as does the logo for the collection, fusing the recognised symbols of the two renowned designers.

Reconceptualising the retro rave-street aesthetic, ‘Rave Team’ is set to illuminate the warehouse parties and underground clubs by night, revamping the mainstream London city fashion scene by day. Rave culture aesthetics and streetwear collide, a collection ready to define the digital fashion movement, as Creative Director Terry Davy summarised, “A cyber-clash of rave culture and street fashion”. “Unveiling, an explosion of neon 90s urban styling for the future generation”.

The collection is available for purchase from the Cyberdog Website and Camden Store location.

Photography - Luca Eva

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