Cookiie Q&A | London's Hat Designers

"I am the Universe - I am the Sun And The Moon." - Cookiie

Modèle Magazine chat with 25-year-old hat designer; Cookiie, as she sheds light on the fashion scene in London uncovering her flamboyant design techniques, inspiration and future plans.

How long have you been designing and making flamboyant hats? 

For A Few Years Now 

What influenced you to pursue a design and fashion career? 

The influence Probably Emanates From My Childhood, I've always loved hats! It’s been an Interest That I have been passionate about and Have Nurtured. So I decided to start my very own hat collection.

Why would you say your signature style of designing is different than any other?

I’ve Always tried to develop a signature style by being an individual creating and identifying the next possible trends by learning from the best people such as Philip Treacy. 

How competitive is it being an upcoming hat designer in London? 

Pretty competitive just like any other creative industry however I believe in my product and I know I have something special so I just stay in my own lane and focus on my craft because I believe and know that I am going to be successful. 

What’s your clientele like usually when crafting your hats?

Anyone one that’s isn’t afraid to express their individuality, creativity and quirkiness. My hats are a statement piece hence why I only make 1 of each. 

The proudest moment of being a hat designer?

Proudest moment was seeing my first ever hat collection. I was so happy!! everything I had envisioned and created coming to fruition.

 Who would you LOVE to model/wear your designs?

 Queen Elizabeth, Erykah Badu, Janelle Monaè, Beyoncé, lady Gaga, Boy George, Grace Jones... the list goes on!

How do your designs reveal yourself? 

My angels are always with me during the creating process. So I just meditate and everything just comes to me. 

What are your up and coming plans for your designs in 2020? 

As far as plans I have some new exciting designs for men and women coming up so I am pretty excited.

Photography & Creative Direction by Sebastian Davies

Styling by Cookiie

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