Expressive, emotive designs from Moldovian brand Constanzia Yurashko uplifted Fashion Scout's showcasing, constructed from ideologies by designer Constanzia Lurasco-Andries the concept crafted a story-like emotive atmosphere.

Starting her label in her hometown of Moldovia after working in London's fashion industry Constanzia has crafted a luxury womenswear brand with sustainable policies. Manipulating a 'story-telling' or autobiographical sense within her collections, the latest instalment was enlighting.

Encouraged by artistic inspirations, and expression of, emotions, feelings Constanzia has and different attitudes. These influences can spur by her creative surroundings like paintings, people, photography or moods. She says "My aim is for the clothing to speak to the whole world about the person wearing them. The clothing defines who they are as a character. It is very important to understand the garment's physical and non-physical idea and purpose."

Feminised with a strong tailored signature style Constanzia Yurashko can be altered to suit a dressed up or down approach also pulling inspirations from different periods to create an authentic new piece of art. Her latest SS20 collection THE ABYSS follows her staple story-like narrative each piece plucking from her emotional constructs. Describing this collection as a "move forward for me. It is a mature version of myself. The collection is different from what I've done before. I found inspiration and mood for the collection in the black garments of the Victoria ear. I wanted to combine an aristocratic appearance with darker attributes of the ear. The tension anchored the atmosphere and feeling of the entire collection."

Crafting timeless pieces made to last and be worn on any occasion, anyone would cherish a design from Constanzia Lurasco-Andries and by only using 100% natural fabrics the high-quality pieces are viewed as staple items. "my work for this specific collection involves lots of care and attention to details. All the embellishments, including the fabric textures, were made by hand here in our atelier."

"I am very excited to be launching our first menswear line. I've always wanted to do both womenswear and menswear. The new collection provided the perfect moment to do it. I am pleased with the result and feel a sense of fulfilment and completion."

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