Chelsea Art Society | Seeing through the artist's eyes

Thursday evening I stood at the entrance to Sloane Square station, looking down the Kings Road at the rain pattering on the pavements like playing keys on a piano. And through the rain I was washed into the Chelsea Old Town Hall like a wave stretching over the marble tiled foyer.

The Chelsea Art Society is having an exhibition, in fact this is two types of exhibition. One, it’s an open exhibition, which means this past Monday anyone, artist or hobbyist, could hand in their paintings or sculptures to be judged and maybe appear in this exhibition. And two, it is a selling exhibition, which means every piece of artwork, over 500 pieces, is up for sale.

The admission is free and the exhibition is running from Friday the 14th of June to Monday the 17th of June at the newly restored Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road, Chelsea, London.

There is a great distance out there, between everyone, it’s called the human mind - the way we think and feel and understand, or don’t understand, things. However art is one of the many forms that lessens that distance, it is a chance to express what is inside, on the outside. Walking around this exhibition I look upon gardens I have never been to, portraits of people I have never met, seascapes that make me think of my own holiday fantasies. The room is a swirl of all kinds of art styles - impressionist, plein air, abstract, realism… and many more. There is no correlation between the art, it is all snapshots and moments on canvas or in sculpture of the artist's view. A room of windows - seeing the world through the artist’s eyes.

This exhibition contains work from members of the art society but a lot of the work is from ‘undiscovered’ artists, it is a great chance to be inspired this weekend and also maybe land on a new artist to collect pieces from, or just admire.

Written by Caroline Louise Hamar.

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