Cassey Gan | AW19

Using colourful vivid brush strokes and bold patterns Cassey Gan disbands and reconstructs her typical design technique drawing inspiration from the work of artist Tim Braden. In her AW19 collection titled ‘Pixelated’ Gan introduces loose fitting silhouettes and lightweight textiles to the collection.

Displaying new aspects to Gan’s design technique, original prints with olive, maroon, mustard and blues, featured on thicket fabrics including wool and padded materials, are further accentuate the unique approach taken by Gan for this particular collection. Introducing a additional element of luxury, innovative shapes and dramatic layering introduces a new aspect to Gan’s work creating a balance between abstract and symbolism representing her inspiration in a subtle yet obvious way.

Providing a smooth movement from one layer to another, contrasting patterns, materials and fabrics create an intricate feel, combined with a soft flow of delicately placed layering. Highlighting this technique, a high neck wooden jumper with a mix of contrasting fabrics and patterns, fell into a dark blue ruffled mesh skirt, reaching a final layer of striped culotte trousers. Despite the contrasts displayed in the outfit, the neutral colour palette of blues, greys and blacks drew each garment together creating a delicate movement.

Generating an ageless contemporary feel to the garments, the collection incorporates comfort alongside the imaginative design component, combining quality and representation to create the luxury collection aimed for.

Merging a second influence alongside the original concept, ‘Pixilated’ connects Gan’s frustration towards a fast pace fashion industry and the faults that come with a high-speed design process. Interpreting a love-hate paradox from the contemporary fashion industry, the AW19 collection acts as a meaningful statement.

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