• Eloise Kirton

CARTER | "Trust In Issues"

Rising LA-based rapper/vocalist CARTER has released his new single “Trust in Issues” which blends dark trap with a profound R&B influence to create a unique merge of sounds which are akin to his recent EP Of(f) Course. The 3-minute track features faint, mellow vocals that reform into punchy rap verses that create the effectual hip-hop aspect of the single all underpinned by the trailing backbeat.

CARTER, 19 years old and originally from Minneapolis has only been releasing his music since 2018 yet has received considerable praise for his honest, impassioned work which never fails to be uplifting from every angle. CLASH magazine has commented "CARTER is rapidly coming to grips with his own potential" and we believe the same as each new release from CARTER becomes more dynamic and accomplished displaying his talent and skill as an up and coming artist. CARTER’s early releases on Spotify such as “Relax” and “Lincoln Fantasies” have over 170k streams manifesting his growing audience and fanbase.

Based upon the indisputable flair displayed in CARTER’s music library, we are all sure to be listening to more and more from this LA-based artist as the world slowly returns to a state of normality and we can’t wait to unearth more of his music and bring to light the faculty and ability that CARTER has already shown so powerfully through his work over the past two years.

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