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Carmen Llaguno | AW19

Carmen LLaguno, creates a series of manuscripts following untold stories of the combatant women of the world. Never enlisted but deserving to be flaunted in full glory on the Carmel Llanguno catwalk, the collection titled 'The NUMINOUS'. 'The Numinous or the Supernatural' show spiritually awakened the audience at the Vancouver Fashion Week with a taste of sensuality and elegance, a reminded to the spectators of female nature, appearing in mothers, sisters and partners, a fight and battle of life, to sustain balance within our lives and on earth with grace and in reconciliation.

Carmen LLaguno, raised in Mexico and trained in France, UK and USA captures the alpha male personality that women have been asked to hide behind for so long. Llaguno uses the most luxurious of materials asserting the notion of warriors and the appreciation they should receive, pushing the concept not as a request but as a statement of what women deserve. The seamless lavishness of the collection is a message for women to strut on earth with a commitment to achieve without losing her sensual and spiritual self. “Stay cool! But do not be reluctant to introduce the alpha male, the Amazonian warrior” states the ruffled top and trousers that wraps the skins sumptuously, energising a magnificent aura of spirituality, enlightenment, strength, sexuality and confidence.

Llaguno’s choices of colours flows in line of beige, light brown to crystal peach; Beige in modern time interprets as the colour of work and the crystallise effects interprets that like crystal, our identity are multifaceted.

Llaguno’s doesn’t see her fashion line as just a label but a concept that humans will live with. The designer had spiritual awakenings growing up in Monterrey, the valley surrounded by mountains in Mexico. She went to several prestigious schools and later went to Paris College of arts, University of Arts, London, Instituto di Moda BURGO in Italy and The New School of Design New York. With such composition in experiencing the nature and the fashion industry, Llaguno has developed a multi-disciplinary approach to design. She takes the concept of design slightly further from the status quo, one can think about sustainable living; skilfully emerging the concealed charisma and live humbly in her creations.

Llaguno’s creative process is ethical and philanthropic, allowing time to local manufacturers and artisans to process luxurious items to manage sustainable life style in the manufacturing line. Her clothing line also removes toxic chemicals used in dyeing of which are harmful to the environment and human skin, using recycled water to preserve the environment.

Llaguno uses attribution that is traditionally reserved for male fashion, incorporating the technique with femininity inviting a women to be secure in her skin and celebrate her mystic essence; she asks women to relish what they rightfully deserve without harming humanity and the mother earth as her label states “we have the right to operate at the full spectrum of existence, to be sensual, feminine and rebellious, and whatever we desire to be.”

Carmen Llaguno’s showcase turned heads at the Vancouver Fashion Week in March 2019.

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Photographer - Filippo Fior