Call me Loop |'Self Love' & Emotive Pop Realness

Solidifying authenticity, sassiness and a strong emotive stance on pop music, upcoming star Call Me Loop is rising among London's sucsessful female artists. Following her well-renowned track 'Cry Like Kim K' from 2018 Loop is continuing to create pop masterpieces with new single 'Self Love' which is taking centre stage in her first UK headlining tour kicking off in October 2019. Awareness of the mass influx in popularity Call Me Loop's authentic pop sound has people interested with many musical supporters reaching out such as Wonderland, BBC Radio 1, MTV, Notion and more.

Looking in the direction of women role-models Loop has a sky-high motivational personality and persistence to become successful and strong is overwhelming "I'm just motivated by success and by my fans to continue making songs that inspire and excite them. I'm motivated by the thought of making my family proud and of proving the people wrong who doubted me in the past. I'm motivated by the idea of making a stamp on the pop world - leaving my mark." As well as pulling inspiration from high reigning women such as Rihanna and emotional troopers like Ariana Grande Loop also comments "Amy Winehouse inspires me loads; her insane talent as a writer as well as her incomparable vocal and of course, Queen Bey who’s just a one-woman-powerhouse."

"I think artists are always being inspired by one another and by the pop trends around them at the time, and people are always going to compare female artists with one another, but I like to think my music has its defining stamp." Developing a hugely conversational music style whilst indulging in the freedom of lyrics Loop has created a personalised vibe uplifting any listener of hers. Strengthened comparisons between Loop and female British artists like Lily Allen and Kate Nash are noticeable in her music style although she says "one thing producers/co-writers always pick up on with me and my writing is how I love to squeeze as many words into each line as possible, haha. I’m really into rhythmic storytelling, almost to the point where I’m almost melodically talking in a lot of my verses. I sing with a British accent but then I tend to contradict that with big smack-you-in-the-face choruses. That, along with my lyrical concepts, has seen people call me a 'British Taylor Swift' in the past. I guess that’s why a lot of my fans are Swifties!"

Continually writing her lyrics alongside real-life situations and experiences Loop's music is extremely close to home "I genuinely cannot write a song unless it's something I'm currently going, or have very recently gone, through. When I'm feeling a certain type of way, writing is easy for me. I'm obsessed with lyrics being entirely true to what happened in real life; of setting the scene and playing it out honestly. When I'm not going through anything, or I'm not in that particular headspace, I can't find the words or the melodies. So in that sense, it's a bit of a double-edged sword - when I'm content in life, my music tends to suffer, but when I'm all mixed up, I write the gooooood stuff. Like I always say: "What's bad for your heart, is good for your art"."

Ecstatic doesn't hold any justice when describing Loop's feelings when she released her first single 'Looking At You' in 2016 "I had no idea what I was doing and I'd signed this one song to a little independent label and on the day of release I landed Spotify’s global New Music Friday and was emailed the next day to tell me it'd passed 100,000 streams in 24 hours. I still remember where I was (with my family having lunch in a pub) when I got that email and that overwhelming feeling of "oh my god, this could be the start of something"."

Keeping up her loved golden pop-persona Loop's latest single 'Self Love' released on July 12 extenuates her huge vocal range and abilities within the genre, she describes shaping the song from a pinnacle heartbreak experience. "I wrote it at the end of a relationship which, up until the point of the breakup, I hadn't realised had been draining me so much. The weight that I felt lifted from my shoulders after I walked away was amazing. I was genuinely so excited for the next chapter in my life, embracing my independence and being reminded of how strong and capable I am by myself. Sometimes I have a tendency to become a bit too co-dependent, which I think rings true for a lot of people, so I just wanted to put it into words - to remind both myself and also anyone else listening who needs to hear it how important and freeing it is to take some time to love yourself again." Accommodating a strong instrumental beat alongside her powerful female vocals is igniting Loop's orginaiallity within 'Self Love' "It’s got more of a throwback, nostalgic pop vibe I think, with a bit of a homage to Girls Aloud in the pulsing bassline, as well as being slightly more organic musically rather than electronic-centric. It’s also my most UK-sounding track so far I’d say; I really took my ‘British’ performance and flew with it in this one!".

Fingers crossed for Loop's continued emotive music vibe, also with hopes of collaborations shes got her eyes set on artists such as Clean Bandit, Jax Jones, Mark Ronson, Stormzy, SG Lewis, Dave, Nina Nesbitt, Mae Muller, Col3trane, Charli XCX, Mabel and in Loops words..."the list goes on". Mindset on top form Loop's head is pinpointed at an album release and performing to her local London venues like Brixton 02 Academy and the 02 Arena "I'm gonna be releasing music single by single for the rest of this year, and I've got some good stuff coming so keep an eye out. I'm also announcing my first UK headline tour very soon which I am SO EXCITED for. Plus an exciting collab pending too... Watch this space!"

Get tickets to Call Me Loop's first headlining tour here starting off in Glasgow on October 28th and concluding in London on the 30th.

"What's bad for your heart, is good for your art" - Call Me Loop 2019

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