Hailing from North-West London, C3 Boogie is one of 2021’s promising up and coming artists! Along with his gritty and forthright style, C3 oozes personality with his witty lyrics and exceptional creativity which shines through in his productions.

C3 has worked tirelessly over the past year, producing track after track. He has been making waves in the underground, with his debut release ‘Lean Out’ dropping onto the scene in October 2020. His past releases ‘Lean Out’ and ‘Turn It’ have accumulated over a quarter of a million views on Youtube and 50,000 streams to date, with his new single ‘Plus One’ following suit.

Plus One’ has premiered on Mixtape Madness, and has had continued positive feedback. Although hard-hitting and bold when it comes to his tone and lyrics, C3 takes you on a journey in the video with his humorous creative direction and striking aesthetics. This track only adds to the list of consistent bangers that C3 Boogie is producing, and he is fast becoming a force to be reckoned within UK drill music.

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