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Bohemian Jungle Gentleman ANDRO | GYMH

Recently going solo (in 2017) from Jungle and focusing on his own material, the singer/songwriter ANDRO released his debut video GYMH (Give You My Heart) on November 6th. London-based but Liverpool born with a naturally flowing genre of modern soul Andros new music presents a smooth, fresh attitude.

His desire revolves around creation, an inventor for music and production, ANDRO has also dabbled in acting work alongside the Royal Shakespeare and BBC. Pushing forward from his first major stardom role as a musician with well-known collective soul band Jungle, his latest music showcases a new side to the artist, exploring the individuality of ANDRO. During his time with Jungle the band were nominated for a Mercery Prize and have performed on a superabundant diverse of credits such as Coachella, Jimmy Kimmel Show, Jools Holland and Seth Myers.

The video GYMH captures a unique style of theatrical pop featuring a calm atmosphere of contemporary dance. The delicate approach to songwriting for his new track has a heart warming but groovy aesthetic. Reminiscent of his vocal talent comes from the late, great Prince.

Photo Credit: Johnny Diaz Nicolaidis

Hitting the bars with his visuals and raw lyricism, ANDRO attracts the audience luring them in to sway with his production journey.“‘GYMH’ came to me when I was chasing after someone who was unhappily in love. And I wanted to intervene because I thought I was in love." The beatific video was produced by Mathias Boman.

The new single GYMH is out now via tenswest group and excitingly ANDRO doesn't stop there, he will be releasing more material in the new year.

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