Biodiversity; experimenting with music on Londons doorstep.

The Windmill, Brixton hosted Biodiversity on Wednesday the 17th of April at 7.30pm, where performers Monzanto Sounds, Me, Charles & the Slurs and Kri displayed their talent. Biodiversity is an experimental music event that celebrates a huge range of music types and genres, making it more possible for underground artists to find gig around London.

Created by brothers Mali (right) and Isaac (left) Baden-Powell, Biodiversity have hosted around four music events in the South part of London starting at the beginning of the year; they support local bands and artists that are making alternative or experimental music. The brothers decided the name the event Biodiversity from being inspired by the cross staggered nature of experimental music incorporating different genres onto the table like jazz, rock and electronic music. Waz (Isaac) states “Biodiversity is a space for people who are doing more creative things and it gives local bands the space and a voice within the industry.”

Being lead parts within the headlining band Monzanto Sounds the brothers are expanding their knowledge of the London’s live music scene by hosting and performing at events such as Biodiversity. They’ve played within the band at the event “every time” and feel it’s the bass-line when directing a following to the event by grabbing fans from the Monzanto fan-base.

Monzanto Sounds during soundchecks

Mali says that “I want to broaden our horizons by playing with more likeminded people at events like this, even if their music has experimental or conventional angle like tonight, we’ve got a singer who is defiantly in the experimental musician direction and then we’ve got Me, Charles and the Slurs which are more South London inspired alternative rock with elements of jazz.”

With more and more independent venues being closed down around the boroughs of London experimental musicians are finding a hard path to follow when grabbing gig opportunities making fewer artists perform their music.  Places like the Windmill are being worshiped all over by passionate musical extroverts for still being able to host out of the box events like Biodiversity and should feel celebrated when displaying underground musicians.  

Being a big brand club promoter as the normal day job, Mali stresses how important events like Biodiversity are to the local music communities “As someone like myself as a professional promoter, I work for a well-known club brand, doing something like this is perfect as it’s a way of keeping things interesting without having to worry about the commercial aspects of it.”

For small bands and artists such as Me, Charles and the Slurs and Monzanto Sounds holding onto key underground events such as Biodiversity are crucial in delivering live music, keeping the communication between artists and listens. “We aren’t farming a mailing list to try and get people hooked in it’s basically if you’re interested in what we’re doing you’ll decide for yourself if this is something you want to be a part of”.

In another Modele interview with Charles (bellow) from Me, Charles and the Slurs who says “my music at the moment is taking the form of jazz with a pop structure and punk sensibilities and they chose me (Biodiversity) because I hoped they liked my music… it seemed like a good time to do something together”.

He also underlines the struggles that artists like him and Monzanto Sounds go through when finding, organising and performing at events like Biodiveristy. “I could do with more gigs, I’m not too good with self-promotion but now I’m starting the put the work into my music that I should do, I’m so ready for it to be put out there. I’m well geared to do this now. It really sucks that music venues of London are getting shut down although I still feel there is a good scene within events like this.” Charles is planning to set up a night called ‘Fistbumps’ around the South of London, being well educated within the music scene he states “it’s now just the matter of me booking venues, booking artists and doing the footwork in promotion”.

The Biodiversity brothers sure have shown that putting one foot in the door when getting a passionate music crowd together can really make a mark within the scene of experimental music. Will more independent artists get the chance they deserve in performing underground music at events around the city of London?

Biodiversity’s next event is on June 5th 2019 at Rye Wax, Peckham with new and fresh underground artists being incorporated into the scene, these promoter brothers intend to keep the raw music alive within the streets of London by organising free-flowing and experimental nights like Biodiversity. 

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