BINA Offical | London's powerful female aritsts

South East London, home to upcoming alternative RnB singer, songwriter and producer BINA, at 19 years old she’s taken a stand alongside powerful up and coming underground female artists. Producing meaningful, soul healing music, BINA is eager to explore further into London’s immense creative scene. BINA has three singles out and one EP released this month, Modèle investigates her flow of music and how heavily influencing it is for similar female artists.

Describing her music as alternative RnB which is “fluid and flows between different genres” BINA has found her own style within current underground music. She feels her creations are a “healing process for me and for other people”. Having a similar melody and style to artists such as IAMDDB, Erykah Badu and Willow BINA's music is in high demand by many powerful females across the country. “I definitely want to be a strong woman, the number one thing I want to achieve is to be a great creative, being able to write honest music which is relatable and also is true to me, after that obviously want to be a boss bitch.”

Growing up surrounded by music in her family household, her dad was very influential to her music passion “my dad used to do music, and created music at home so I’d grown up listening to what he was making and then my mum listened to like Whitney Huston, Mariah Carey and also liked house and garage. I grew up with a very collective music taste.” Having a contrasting music influence at home to many of her peers growing up BINA was also exposed to noughties and 90s RnB hip-hop music too. She describes her first time she realised she wanted to do music “I was 16, I went to a youth studio and I thought Ooo I like this, I knew I could sing from a small age but at 17 to 18 I realised that’s where my real passion is”.

BINA's dad always wanted her to persevere a career in the medical industry, BINA spent years at school preparing herself to become a doctor, “I finished my first year of sixth form doing science and I was like… yeah, this really isn’t something I want to do, I’ve always loved music and that showed at school”. Now being in her last year of music college BINA feels more at home and free within the underground music industry, singing, writing and producing her own tunes. After BINA demonstrated to her parents her contributions into the music scene “my dad said to me ‘what about being an accountant, what about being a lawyer, politician?’ I was like no, no, no I wanna do what I wanna do.” Once BINA was able to show how well she is doing in the underground scene with music and how many people she’s inspired, she says “my parents support me now, at first they were kind of sad that their childhood dream of me being a doctor go crushed but now they support me loads more, they are always saying how much they like my new music”.

When writing BINA never restricts herself from freedom of expression, feeling more open to creative choices she uses her own writing methods “ I try not to censor myself, when I write, I tend to not actually write, I have my phone on record and I’ll play beats or if I’m with an instrumentalist they’ll just play along to whatever comes into mind”. Having freedom in her writing is something BINA is sure of “I don’t like working pen to paper, I feel like you overthink things that way”. Having a love and passion for freestyling BINA often ends up freestyling with friends and other London artists “I freestyle alone or with mates, and the writing process of my songs is very much based on freedom”.

Performing live attracts BINA more now than ever through her climb in the music scene “ever since ‘Summer Breeze’ came out in July its always been really fun performing live, most of my favourite memories come from the crowd response to Summer Breeze, I always get them to sing the chorus with me and the response is amazing”. Getting to express herself live for other people to see she describes as therapeutic for her during her musical creativeness, wanting to be more involved with gigs and open mics.

Global 12 festival at Cargo, Shoreditch on August 31st is BINA's next performance, she’s hoping to collaborate with more artists around London and worldwide “I’m back in creative mode again, so I’m working on new stuff and I’m excited to keep on creating, growing as an artists and reaching out to people.” Bina’s new single ‘Stargazing’ released on 15th May on all major platforms as part of her Humble Abode EP collection.

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