Billy Barrett | 'At One With Mud'

Inspired by modern-day hippies and neo-travellers, designer Billy Barrett demonstrates his graduate collection called 'At One With Mud'. Billy's concept touches on the connection these groups of people have with the earth and how they maintain a free lifestyle. He wanted to emulate this utopian view of what he'd like the future to be like whilst reminding society that we are in fact a part of nature, rather than its owner. 

Being affecting by the global lockdown Billy found himself spending more time in secluded landscapes, forests were a great escape from being trapped inside. He spent a lot of time studying natural textures and tried to follow them, subverting the surfaces of nature onto the body. Principally Billy was drawn to mud, he uses a variety of natural and synthetic techniques to communicate the effect mud has on clothing. 

Billy had to resort to colouring fabrics by hand; airbrushing and painting being much more sustainable than dying because of COVID-19. He also uses excess billiard cloth from his friend’s workplace in a number of garments as well as incorporating natural mater such as flowers and moss on to the accompanying jewellery and accessories. In a quick-fire interview with Billy below, we find out his favourite piece from the collection, as well as delving into the collection's desired clientele.

What's the concept behind 'At One With Mud'?

Re-connecting humans and nature, by putting the surfaces of the earth onto the human body

What's your personal favourite piece out of the collection & why?

Look 2 - Mushroom stump set (below). A lot of time went into this set, I love the way it can be adjusted to change how it looks or to fit a range of sizes.  

Who do you see wearing your designs? 

Those tired with the grey of the industrial landscape, looking for an alternative to synthetic comforts that occupy our world.

What were your biggest inspirations behind 'At One With Mud'?

The 'dirty kids' of the rainbow family, teenage runaways and the textures of their surroundings - the forest trees, moss and mud. I was obsessed with the effect mud has on clothing and the body.

Photography: Tyler Little

MUA: Livia Ghelli

Assistants: Tom Kelly & Yaku Stapleton

Models: Harrison Chan & Stefan Brown

Creative direction: Billy Barrett and Tyler Little

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