C Wizz | beating with bars

Nineteen year-old C Wizz takes a stand alongside some of the newest underground young artists of the UK by creating raw and harsh beats, combined with some strong spitting sessions. C Wizz mixes these beats with passionate and meaningful words in his lyrics which convey his life as a young adult, kicking it back in south west London.

Being brought up in Surbiton, Wizz has had influences from all over London’s music spectrum, listening to underground grime music from a young age and finding it relatable to himself.

He says “music wise I listen to pretty much anything but I don’t really listen to American rap, more UK stuff. I don’t rate the tunes or melodies; I’m all about the bars.” Having an adamant interest in the development and production of lyrics C Wizz is sure to play on some young people’s emotions in the rise of his music.

Starting his music career just spitting bars, Wizz’s heart truly lies within the meaning around the lyrics but make its noticeable that bringing in a beat or melody might be a good direction to follow.  “All my old bars everything I use to do was all grime, all bars, not tunes at the start. But I think f**k it you’ve gotta have those tunes to get people to notice you.”

C Wizz’s self-made lyrics underline how he and his friends live in society as a young males, “all the shit I talk about is normal to us, it’s what we do on a day to day basis. I don’t chat s**t about going out shooting people up as that’s not what we do. It’s about smoking weed, it’s about my mates, it’s about drug culture.”

C Wizz is weary over the UK grime music scene and finds other underground artists getting more and more opportunities “Digger D, them man I see what they are doing and I rate that.”

Agreeing that social media is a leading pathway for underground artists like himself “I think if you get big on social media, you’re gonna be big in general.” Dropping his first EP called ‘Don’t Trap’ on SoundCloud in February this year, the tune has already grabbed over 8k views demonstrating how C Wizz’s musical flow is riding high alongside some grime goldies.  

Wanting to start creating an album Wizz is ambitious to get into the studio and start re-cording again “I’ve been writing, ive been offered a bit of studio time. But I need to get more, gotta start somewhere though man.” With determination sitting heavy C Wizz will be dropping more and more new music in the upcoming months.

“People know I spit and people know what’s good” Wizz’s grime technique is certainly different and totally unique in the current grime game. He can easily make heads turn using his lyrical madness within the underground grime world; C Wizz is a head to look out for in the future. 

Photography by Reva Johns

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