Bass Face London – DnB catching on in the capital

Anyone who is knowledgeable when it comes to the genre of drum and bass knows that it’s a movement which has hit hard within parts of the UK like Bristol, Oxfordshire, Leeds and Manchester but will London finally catch on the hype?

As drum and bass tries to push London’s boundaries, one event that strikes most sesh head students is the new Bass Face hosted at Fire, Vauxhall by LND DV8 promotions. Bass Face is the biggest student party in London, blasting full on drums and bassline until 5am!

Bass Face launch party February 26th 2019

Modele events team tackled the launch party on February 26th 2019, tickets were on sale from £3, maximum price being £6 from ticket sites such as see tickets and resident advisor, any youthful drum and bass enthusiast would be stupid to miss out on this mid-weeknight rave.

DJs such as Warney D & Shirtman, Triggsy, Sentido, Speedy, Tremor & Kwan, Charlie Nibbelke, Alpine & Traction and Jarial were all set to perform some high class bassline for the ready ravers who turned up. The music followed the mood of the crowd, mixing bassline classics and new age drums together heightening any drum and bass fans dream entirely.

Bass Face every Tuesday starting March 19th at Fire

Speaking to the crowd; most being students from around London waiting for the drum and base movement to hit London and balance out the hip-hop to dance music ratio. Everyone was dressed in hyped up streetwear and funky accessories, one eccentric girl group you could have mistaken as Tinkerbell’s night out girl squad covered head to two in sequins and body art expressed their love for drum and bass right at the front the entire night.

Bass Face ravers & DJs February 26th

Donald, 20, graphics student studying at London South Bank University brought up a great point, “I find up north the drums just sound so much more intense, you know. I’m hopeful that London will be soon to catch on as we just wanna dance man”.

Celebrating the best underground drum and bassline sounds Bass Face will soon to be starting weekly raves at Fire hopefully changing the perspective of this genre in Britain’s capital. These mid-week raves might help break apart the nightlife obsession that clubs have with hip-hop opening the minds of London’s party seekers and arranging bassline only nights!

From March 19th 2019 Bass Face will be taking over at Fire every single Tuesday night with tickets staying cheap and easily available. This party is sure to boost the drum and base scene in London and give all you sesh head students the nights that you long for, catch us there, every Tuesday!

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