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Alex S Yu | AW19 Vancouver Fashion Week

Reconnoitre the little girl you pretend to have left in the wonderland of sparkling flawless fantasies that would come undoubtedly true one day, all the love you have and all the love you hide and embrace your unfeigned femininity in the collection of young designer Alex S Yu.

Alex kept the spectators captivated at Vancouver Fashion Week, with the amalgamation playground memories, what it means to be a modern woman, the innocent dreams of happy endings and a woman’s journey in a contemporary world.

Alex has been featured across a range of media platforms, including Vogue making it only right that he speaks to women of the word through the second largest fashion week in North America and the fastest growing fashion week in the world.

Vancouver Fashion Week is high on diversity and a showcase for international award winning designers being some of the most innovative, progressive and creative thinkers. Who would be a better fit than Alex? A mind that blends European and Japanese concepts with a spoonful of love and childhood impulses creates a collection that will enthral you and set you off to pursue happiness in the Delphic world at the same time.

The show starts with the youthful high cut skirts of the sixties, the mini-skirts resonate the summer days in the yard. The shift dresses, when the cloth falls straight from the neck with darts around the bust and with boat necks paying homage to the baby dolls. The show features sixties modern bold prints and tailored garments in bright shades, influenced by early jazz and European Art Films known as Mod Fashion. Alex S Yu incorporates inspiration from Japanese idols to justify its colourful and fruity intuitions, his trademark ruffles and gather and with a suggestion of and athletic wear vibe, catering to all women, in all lifestyles.

Moving the collection forward, eccentric abstract patterns with a fusion of modern and new ideas. Alex builds upon traditional designs such as a mid- length skirt highlighting the placement of unconventional pockets, waistcoats, combinations of patterns and colours and accessories to place the holy spirit of love, freedom, blessings, nostalgia, fantasy and a true sense of duty. The show is about all women; whether she is a woman of leisure or athleticism, she deserves to be the baby doll and be the beloved.

Yu's work is about feeling free as a woman, feeling playful without suppressing

the little girl’s fantasy of finding happy endings and performing in the professional world without a sense of losing the human inside. In Yu's collection, women do not need to pay obituary to the dead self but keep the innocent child alive to achieve.

Alex S Yu was trained at Blanche Macdonald Centre in Vancouver Canada and studied in London College of Fashion in the UK. He became the talk of the city at the Vancouver Fashion Week in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in March 2019.

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All images by Filippo Fior