Ava Akira | Melodic emo feminity

Coming in with a fresh mindset towards female underground music, Ava Akira is changing the common stigma by creating melodic rap with emo trap and pc sound elements. Breaking the mold of traditional female music Ava is taking an emo stand in London's underground music scene. "The two comparisons people tend to comment to me is Lil Tracy & Hannah Diamond which is great because I like them both!"

Calling herself as a lyricist and female vocalist, Ava has a huge range of musical influences " growing up my influences were emo bands like My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Paramore and also dance/electronic music like UK dubstep, trance, and happy hardcore." But these days Ava is showing more interest in musicians who express their artistic side too "Marilyn Manson, Lady Gaga, Yung Lean like it’s more than just the music. But with the ability to create incredible visuals or they’ll play a character and stick to it like it’s all so fascinating to me."

Growing her music involvement since a very early age Ava has only been releasing music on Soundcloud and Spotify since 2018, with two singles called "X2c (prod. Myth)" and "Supreme (prod. Myth)". Her following is expanding across England's capital with 38k in plays across all of her music " I have gained a small following from it for sure which surprises me because I’ll be recognised in the most random places!"

Ava is thriving in the creative scene springing determination for underground music from her originality "I’m constantly surrounded by creatives and it’s very inspiring to be amongst it all." With many beliefs that audiences need to be more experimental with female music, being open to more anti-norm sounds shes comments "less clout chasing, be real" within the underground scene.

Becoming more expressive and emotive through her music Ava keeps on creating powerful tracks that break the norm of feminity using quick tempo lyrics, making her seem like an upbeat and confident woman. But she comments "In reality, I’m quite shy and reserved whereas if you listened to my music for the first time you wouldn’t think that at all! I think my music allows me to be a little more open and show a side to me not many people would see just by talking to me."

With more and more plans set for the future, Ava is continuing to break the common mold that female music is trapped in. "I live day by day; I have no set plans so to speak. I create when I can with no time limit and I’m a perfectionist so I’ll work on a project as long as it takes until it’s right. But don’t worry, you’ll hear from me very soon." Watch out for more of Ava Akira's unique female sounds on her platforms and be sure to check out her page here.

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